At Jenny’s Early Learning Centre, our childcare services, pre-kinder program and licensed Kindergarten program are designed
to support your children as they play, explore and learn!


Play is the most important part of a child’s learning. It’s important that they feel comfortable and safe within the environment. When a child (or an adult) feels safe they are more willing to engage, play and learn!

With a huge variety of resources and play equipment available to your children, we support and supervise your child as they develop their imagination and creativity in a range of play activities. Provided the opportunity to interact and socialise with children their own age, your child will develop invaluable social, physical and cognitive skills. Nearly all good things happen through play!


As a member of the Jenny’s Early Learning Centre community, we encourage your child to explore new ideas, feelings and environments. We encourage our children and staff to explore their local community, engage with new opportunities and be amazed by the world around them. We use the classroom as a springboard for out of class learning – this can happen in the yard, in the garden, exploring the local community or on excursions. We embrace the opportunity to explore at Jenny’s!


Our educators facilitate activities that introduce and teach the children about new opportunities, allowing them to confidently explore in a safe and engaging manner. We love community excursions, where children of Jenny’s ELC really get to engage in the community where they live, where they learn and where they are members of. We encourage all ages to get to know their local area as well as have the opportunity to create new experiences within the centre. Our kitchen gardens are an example of a new experiences that can be created for some children. Children can get their hands dirty and learn about sustainability and growing fruit and vegetables in a fun environment. Encouraging your child to step out of their comfort zone and play with other children, Jenny’s Early Learning Centre will teach your child about relationships, sharing and being connected to a larger community.


We want your child to get their early education off to the best start! Our educators are committed to supporting your child as they develop the literacy and numeracy skills essential for success in formal schooling. We engage your child by working with their individual interests and developmental needs. Learning is a part of the fun for Jenny’s Early Learning Centre, so we want to ensure that your child is interested and motivated about our educational topics.