Settling in for your child's first day can be full of mixed emotions. We are here to provide some insights that you can use to help to be prepared for your child's first day

Flexible Orientation

Prior to your child’s first day we welcome you to come in for some orientation sessions. These are flexible, and are organised with the Centre Director. 

We encourage and value orientation at Jenny’s ELC, as this gives both you and your child the opportunity to become familiar with the new environment and start to develop a bond with their educators. We find that typically, the more orientation a child does, the smoother their transition into care is.

During your orientation the Centre Director will also:

  • Ensure your Childcare Subsidy is set up correctly
  • Ensure you have access to our online app
  • Provide you with the security access code for the centre
  • Show you how to sign your child in for their first day
  • Answer any other questions that you may have

What Should I Bring?

Spare Clothes

Weather, spills, messy activities. Be sure to bring a change of clothes to make sure your child stays cosy.


Bring your child’s favourite things to help them settle. Teddy, dummy, or even a family photo can be helpful.


For children using formula or breast milk, please speak to your centre about the best way to be prepared for this.


It’s important that medications are never left in bags. Hand them to our educators directly upon arrival.

Nappies, Wipes, and Cream

Bring at least 6 named nappies per day (or a box that you can leave at the centre) with any nappy creams that you may use.


Pack everything you need in a backpack, making sure your child’s name is well labelled.

Once when you arrive

Sign your child in

When you arrive, our team will assist you to sign your child in, find their locker and put their bag away. Bring them to their room or offer breakfast and help them settle.

Share relevant information

Meet our educators and share relevant information about your child’s condition and needs to ensure we can accommodate your requests and provide the best environment for your child.

Say goodbye

Our Educators will work with you to learn how best to start the day with us. For some, that’s a quick kiss and hug but for others, some time playing with playdough together might work best.

Exciting times!

We never take for granted the trust that families place in us. Our goal is to see your child run in the door, give their educator a huge hug and then not want to leave at the end of the day. We truly want to be a fun extension of your home and somewhere children want to be.