OUR PROGRAMSLearning is part of the fun

We learn how to make a difference every day at Jenny’s ELC, as we play and grow together.


Play is the most important part of a child’s learning. When they play, children explore, discover and create meaning of the world around them through hands-on exploration. We know that young children learn best through play and we provide an environment that allows children to explore, discover, imagine and create.


We encourage and support your child to explore new ideas, feelings and environments. Through experiences like gardening, cooking, sensory, STEM, craft, local excursions and more, our children are encouraged to challenge their ideas and build their confidence as effective learners.


We want your child to get their early education off to the best start! Our educators are committed to supporting your child as they develop the skills to help them confidently move and grow through their education journey. We involve your child in curriculum decision-making to ensure that each child’s strengths, ideas, culture and interests are the foundations of our programs. At Jenny’s ELC learning is part of the fun!

Our Community

Our community is everything. Motivated by our philosophy of providing diverse and engaging opportunities for our children to learn and develop, we partner with local businesses, charities and sporting clubs to help ensure our educators and children have the opportunity to fully immerse themselves in what it truly means to be part of a community.

There is always something fun happening at Jenny’s

Indoor and Outdoor Play

Our children love being at the centre and they also love exploring their local surroundings. Children at Jenny’s quickly start to identify with their local community as they explore their area safely with Educators and friends.

Community Walks

Our children love being at the centre and they also love exploring their local surroundings. Children at Jenny’s quickly start to identify with their local community as they explore their area safely with Educators and friends.

Incursion, Excursion, and Special Programs

We host relevant, fun excursions and incursions, giving children a greater appreciation of the local community. We also run special programs throughout the year, such as the Kinder Olympics, Book Week or the BDAC Indigenous Learning Program.

NUTRITION FOR FUTURE GROWTHAt Jenny’s, we love fresh, local produce

Quality, healthy food is vital for children to get the nutrients they need and grow. We source only the best meats, fruits and vegetables for the children in our centres.

Sustainable Gardens

Each centre is equipped with its own kitchen garden and our children are encouraged to get involved with the hands-on process of sustainable gardening.

From Garden to Plate

Incorporating the freshly grown produce from our gardens, our cooks prepare meals that are nutritious, fresh and very delicious!

Cultural Awareness and Allergies

It’s important to us that everyone is included and supported to be their best self. We commit to providing meals that everyone can enjoy together every day.


Tailored to individual children’s needs and a strong focus on social, physical and emotional development. Our pre-kinder program encourages curiosity and eagerness to learn through creative and hands-on experiences, ensuring a smooth transition between programs.

Genuine, Child-Focused Program

Supporting self-guided playing time and socialising opportunities with other children, Jenny’s ELC’s Pre-Kinder program assists children in learning about themselves and the world around them. 

We are committed to developing the confidence and communication skills of your child as they build relationships with other children.

Centre Hours

Unlike a typical 3-year-old kinder that is only for a couple of hours, Jenny’s ELC Pre Kinder allows your child to stay as long as you like, allowing them to genuinely explore and develop without being ‘rushed’ into small timeframes.

Key Features

  • Smooth Transition to Kinder
  • Supporting Individual Development
  • Fulfil and Extend their Interests


We encourage your child to explore art, dance, music, play, and movement in a way that develops their language, critical thinking, and fine motor skills.

Play-Based Learning Program

At Jenny’s ELC our Government-approved program encourages your child to grow, learn and discover by allowing them to explore, try out new ideas and gain knowledge.

Your child will become an effective learner as they build on their communication skills, self-confidence, creativity, and develop reading, writing and mathematics abilities.

Centre Hours

Accessible 5 days a week, our Kindergarten program typically runs from 9 am to 5.30 pm, Monday to Friday. Program hours may differ between centres. Check with your Centre Director to confirm.

Key Features

  • Smooth Transition to Primary School
  • University Qualified Educators
  • Developed to Meet Standards

We make a difference every day at Jenny's ELC

Our stimulating curriculum provides the support and guidance each child needs to learn more about themselves and the world around them.