At Jenny’s Early Learning Centre, we love dedicated professionals who are looking to continually grow and develop their skills. We believe that our educators are our greatest assets! With a staff of over 70 across our Bendigo centres, we actively encourage our educators to personally and professionally develop in their positions with us.

Each of our centres will typically employ a Centre Director, an Assistant Centre Director and at least one senior mentor, ensuring that our families have a point of contact at all times. We have a continuous learning culture, which encourages all our staff to reach, and often exceed, their potential.

Across each of our centres, we pride ourselves on staffing highly qualified educators. For new staff entering the industry, we provide opportunities such as traineeships for Certificate III and Diploma of Children’s Services to support our staff’s professional development. We value the process of mentoring, supporting, and encouraging our staff through each stage of their career with us.

Through the use of a Professional Development Calendar, we encourage our staff to regularly update their professional interests, such as Reflection in Practice, Allied Health Information, Food Handling Training and Exploring Educational Theory in Practice. This calendar allows our educators to keep on the forefront of the Early Learning industry.