Our Early Learning Centre in Strathfieldsaye

Jenny’s Early Learning Centre in Strathfieldsaye is located in the quiet Estate of Regent Park just off Tannery Lane.

The centre opened in February 2012 and since then has become an important part of the local community.

Many families who are at Jenny’s also have older siblings at the local Primary Schools located a short drive away.

Each room is loosely based around the child’s age but more importantly their overall development also. With yards that can be shared or separated all spaces allow for and encourage the children to feel safe and to explore.

It is very common for families to commence their journey at Strathfieldsaye and continue through all of our rooms, heading off to school after spending a year in our full funded Kinder Program.

Our Prekinder program provides education for children generally aged 3 to 4 years – with a strong connection between our Prekinder and Kinder program the children in this age group begin to develop skills to take them into Kinder in the following year. Our Prekinder program allows children to continue to develop and supports them to be the best version of themselves as they grow.

Our Funded Kinder program is for children 4 years and older – With a child focused program that typically runs for 51 weeks of the year and offers flexibility for families with days and times our Kindergarten Program is becoming more and more popular with busy working families. Our kinder team offer a wonderful diverse program with a wide range of incursions and excursions that complement the program at the service including a weekly Nature Play program.

We are located directly opposite the Regent Street park and incorporate consistently this in our ongoing program – all rooms visit the park as part of their curriculum including our youngest children who take the children out for regular walks with their prams. We are known for being active and involved in the local Strathfieldsaye community!

Our Programs are based on the interest of the children and we offer a flexible indoor/outdoor program throughout the day for all children.

From around 2 and a half years of age through to Kinder the children also engage in a Nature Play program consistently which is located on nearby bush land directly behind the service. This program has developed over the past few years and is now embedded as a vital part of the program running in the rooms and enjoyed by everyone! The children have the opportunity to engage in nature throughout the year, learning about plants and animals and having a genuine connection to the natural environment

Our educators are committed to providing all children with high quality experiences and opportunities and plan their curriculum using the Victorian Early Years Learning and Development Framework.

Centre Director: Sally Hicks
38 Regent St
Strathfieldsaye VIC 3551
Phone: (03) 5439 4774
Opening Hours: 6.30am – 6.30pm, Monday to Friday
Email: strathfieldsaye@jennyselc.com.au

Strathfieldsaye Childcare Education Programs

Each program offered at our Strathfieldsaye early learning centre focuses on an emergent curriculum, shaped around children’s interests and developmental needs, as well as play-based learning. Integrating indoor and outdoor play with our state-of-the-art facilities, children have the opportunity to explore a challenging environment aimed at developing each child’s self-esteem, physical skills and social abilities.
We work to provide diverse and tailored excursions, incursions and special events days, building relationships with families and the local community.

Pre-Kindergarten Program

At Jenny’s ELC Strathfieldsaye, our Pre-Kindergarten program. provides our children with the opportunity to explore the resources of the Kindergarten room, develop relationships with older children as we aim to support each child’s confidence and aid in the comfortable adjustment into Kindergarten before their transition into formal schooling. Our Pre Kindergarten programs will continue to develop and support the children to allow them to be the best version of themselves as they grow.

Kindergarten Program Strathfieldsaye

Jenny’s ELC Strathfieldsaye offers a Kindergarten program, run and delivered by a university qualified Early Childhood Educator. The Kindergarten program typically operates for 7.5 hours each day, from Monday to Friday. Incorporating sensory spaces to play and learn, the Kindergarten program encourages and helps each child to develop social, motor and cognitive skills. Jenny’s ELC Strathfieldsaye also offers a Nature Play Program which involves children leaving the centre and exploring the bushland along the nearby Sheepwash Creek.


For more information or to organise a visit with Jenny’s ELC Strathfieldsaye, contact our Centre Director Sally Hicks on
(03) 5439 4774 or email strathfieldsaye@jennyselc.com.au.

We are looking forward to meeting you and your child at Jenny’s ELC Strathfieldsaye!