Special Room July News | Jenny’s ELC Maiden Gully

Special Room July News | Jenny’s ELC Maiden Gully

Caterpillars Room

What a wonderful month the Caterpillars have had. Sharna has settled in wonderfully as the new Room Leader, and we have also had Ash join the team.

This term we have decided to offer the Quirky Tales Literacy Program to our Caterpillars children as we are finding they have shown a really strong interest in reading stories – often approaching educators with a book to read! Narelle from Quirky Tales has been providing this program for several years to our 3 older rooms at Jenny’s Maiden Gully, and the children love having her in each week. Narelle’s program involves story telling, singing, sign language, and language development, and it is a very interactive session that gets the children’s minds and bodies going! So far the children in the Caterpillars room have really enjoyed Narelle’s sessions, that she tailors to suit our program each week.

Our book of the month for July was ”Are you my Mother?”, and our song of the month was “5 Little Ducks”. this book is about a little duckling that is looking everywhere for his mummy, but none of the animals that he meets can help him. This simple, charming story has begun to introduce your child to first words and concepts by using warm, friendly characters and appealing illustrations.
As an extension of this book and song, one of our art experiences this month was painting ducks. The children enjoyed painting the ducks using a paint brush, and man were able to verbally identify that they were “Ducks”.

As our little Caterpillars are growing and developing so quickly every day we have observed a strong interest building in role play from many children within the room. Over the last month we have set up a larger role play area with a ‘home corner’ that has kitchen play and doll play areas. The children have shown continued interest in this area daily and are often recreating play scenarios from within the home – pretending to cook or eat food, or care for a baby.

With the weather being much cooler this last month we have still made a big effort to get outside to play when possible, however we have also created a climbing area for the children to continue to develop their gross motor skills when we aren’t able to get outside. The large foam climbing blocks have been really popular with children of all ages within the Caterpillars room, and have been great for the children to use up lots of energy on those cold wet days when we cant get outside.

Butterflies Room

This month we welcome Jacinta to our room 5 days a week, as well as Caitlin on a Monday/Tuesday, and Jess H on a Wednesday/Thursday/Friday.

Over July the children have shown a great interest in helping during routines. The children have been helping to make their beds with the sheets, helping to put out the cups and bowls and meal times, and even helping to sweep the floor! This demonstrates that children are confident and involved learners, transferring what they have seen from one context to another. Mirroring and repeating actions by others is an important stage of learning and development.

The book of the month in the Butterflies for July is “Where is the green sheep?” The book talks about different colours and the different actions the sheep are doing such as in the bath & the bed. The book also talks about the different emotions the sheep are feeling. The story has a repeated action of “Where is the green sheep?” This is a great way for the children to relate and to show their understanding.We have extended on this booking by creating our own green sheep, that are displayed around the room.

This month we have continued to work on our letter recognition, encouraging the children to recognize the letter their name begins with! One way we have done this is in an art experience. Educators assisted the children by using a black texta to write the letter their name began with on their piece of paper. Educators then encouraged the children to move the glue paint brush along the black texta creating the letter of their name again. This is enhancing their fine and gross motor skills as they hold onto the paint brush and push it along the paper. The children then used their creativity skills as they used many different coloured pieces of material to stick onto their letter. This is a great experience for the children to gain letter recognition. During this experience the educators discussed with the children what the letter was, what it looked like and that it was the letter their name starts with.

Bumblebee Room

We have had a wonderful month in the Bumblebees Room, and Mel has loved being a part of this room, getting to know the children and families.

The children have been working so hard to learn all about their letter of the week and are showing so much interest in this group time each day. We just love to hear feedback from our families about how your child is showing you what they have learnt – and were so excited to receive a photo of this wonderful writing from one of our very clever Bumblebees, writing M for Monster at home! Please don’t hesitate to let us know what your child is up to at home as this helps us to extend even further on their learning, and we love to see all the wonderful things our Bumblebees are up to when they are not with us.

This month we have added a fairy garden to our room, to provide a small play space for child to play quietly alone, or in a small group. Children explore concepts of role play here, and are using this area to build on friendships and develop their communication skills.

We have had a large focus on recycled materials and sustainability within our room for the past few months. We would like to ask if any families have anything at home they feel may be of use to us in the Bumblebees room we would love for you to donate it – and we will find a way to recyle it/put it to use! We would love anything from your kitchen such as old wooden spoons, plates, bowls etc – as these are wonderful for role play, sand play and water play. We also love to use wooden containers, baskets, material, and all other reusable materials!

We would like to thank Abby and Emma’s dad Greg for coming to visit with the Ambulance during Community Heroes Week, we really appreciate the time you took out of your day to talk to us about what you do, and show us the Ambulance!

Grasshopper Room

July in the Grasshoppers Room saw us welcome Shelly to our team, and also Laura on a permanent basis. Both Shelly and Laura will be in the Grasshoppers room 5 days a week!

As many of you know, we aim to heads off on at least one excursion per month in our Grasshoppers Room, and this month we continued on with that goal, as we went on our July excursion.

This month the Grasshoppers ventured out on their excursion to the discovery centre.  After arriving the children were very excited to explore all the activities within the centre.  There was so many to choose from that we didn’t really know where to start.  With big spinning wheels, floating heads in a fruit platter, mirrored mazes and experiences to test your muscles, the children had an amazing time moving around the room.  At 11am we went in to see all the stars and planets in a planetarium visit, looking at all the different coloured planets and talking about how hot and cold they are as the big sun rotated around in the background.  This was great to get out in the community and let the children discover for themselves all the fun things they can learn by using a few lights and special effects.

Planning for our August excursion to Parky’s Wonderland is in full swing, and permission forms will be sent home soon!

This month saw us explore the letters W, X, Y and Z during our letter of the week time. We have been looking at the letter of the week in a variety of ways in the room – through discussions, artwork, stories, songs, and even baking! This ensures that all children are able to learn about the letter of the week, in a variety of ways that suit their individual learning styles.

We would like to say a big Thank You to Ethan’s dad for visiting us with the Police Car, and also providing us with materials and templates to make our very own Police Badges during Community Heroes Week. We really appreciate when families take time out of their very busy days to spend time with us!