Jenny’s ELC Technology

We believe that there is unlimited potential for children to learn and develop their skills with the assistance of learning technology. Jenny’s ELC has a strong focus on technology that engages your child in interactive learning activities.

We see technology not only as an entertainment tool at home, but also an invaluable education tool at our centres. Jenny’s ELC supports your children as they explore new ideas, learn from each other and develop new problem-solving skills. Our leading edge technologies and learning resources are an important tool for our educators and their emergent curriculum.

At our centres, we use new mobile, multi-touch interactive screens to encourage your child to work with the group members to solve problems or to simply play around! Our educators support your child as they learn new skills and explore what technology has to offer.

Technologies provided at each of our centres include:

  • Computers and iPads equipped with age-suitable activities for each childcare age group.
  • Our iPads are also used as administration support tools for our educators to keep daily records and checklists, ensuring best practice at all times.
  • Access to Internet under appropriate supervision, enabling children to find more information about a new interest.
  • Educational Apps and programs that encourage the children to explore literacy, numeracy and communication across a variety of mediums. In the Kinder room, the children have been developing cartoons and special artwork!
  • Digital cameras that are used to record exciting activities around the centre, including room projects, artworks and special activities to show their families. Children may have the opportunity to take their own photographs!