Jenny’s Early Learning Centre’s philosophy is simple. Learning is a part of the fun! We want each of our children to develop and learn in an environment that encourages them to have fun and explore their interests.

Throughout each of our centres, we engage key values for our educators, families and community that ensure that each child is receiving the best support in their early learning development.

Jenny’s Educators

Jenny’s ELC believes in giving priority to nurturing relationships and providing children with consistent emotional support. Our educators assist our children to develop the skills and understanding they need to interact positively with others. Helping children to learn about their responsibilities to others and to the community, we guide our children to appreciate their connectedness and interdependence as learners, and to value teamwork and collaboration.

Jenny’s ELC is a welcoming centre for children of all circumstances and abilities. Our educators are committed to equity and believe in each child’s capacity to succeed.

Jenny’s Community

By engaging in relationships and participating in community activities, Jenny’s ELC believes that these social experiences develop each child’s sense of belonging and identity. Ensuring that each child experiences sharing and learning with others in a range of environments, such as families, the local community or early childhood settings, Jenny’s ELC support and build on each child’s social skills and understanding.

Jenny’s ELC believes that having a positive sense of identity, and experiencing respectful, responsive relationships strengthens the interests and skills of children as they learn to be active contributors to their world. 

Jenny’s Children

Jenny’s ELC believes that from birth, children are connected with their family, community, culture, and place. Their earliest development and learning is developed through these relationships, particularly in the family environment, with families being children’s first and most influential educators.

Jenny’s ELC believes that as children participate in everyday life, they develop personal interests and construct their own identities and understandings of the world. It is important for each child to undertake this process at their own pace, discovering new interests and skills through undertaking diverse and stimulating activities.

Jenny’s Families

Jenny’s ELC believes that by working hand-in-hand with our families our educators can best achieve our learning outcomes for our children. Our educators recognise that the family home is the primary and most influential learning environment for children. Jenny’s ELC creates a welcoming and respectful environment, which actively encourages all children and families to collaborate with educators about curriculum decisions. Our educators support collaboration to ensure that each learning experience is supportive and meaningful.

Jenny’s ELC believes that through building partnerships based on the foundations of understanding each other’s expectations, attitudes and strengths of each other’s knowledge we can provide the best development environment for each child.