Quality Outcome

Quality Outcome

Publication: Bendigo Hospital Project

Childcare nearby is doing ‘exceedingly’ well according to a recent report.

Early in its second year of operation, Jenny’s Early Learning Centre (JELC) as part of the Bendigo Hospital Project has been awarded an overall rating of ‘Exceeding National Quality Standard’ by the Department of Education and Training. The centre is Exemplar Health’s second facility to open, as part of the Bendigo Hospital Project, providing a modern educational facility within the hospital grounds.

According to JELC managing director, Darren Reid, the childcare centre, which has recorded exceptional levels of family enrolment since opening with Exemplar Health in late 2014, addressed seven key areas in this recent quality evaluation.
“We’re very proud to have received such a high level of assessment, especially in the areas of ‘Children’s health and safety’, ‘Collaborative partnerships with families and communities’ and ‘Leadership and service management’.” Mr Reid said that the childcare centre also scored an ‘Exceeding’ rating for the centre’s ‘Physical environment’, an assessment which is benchmarked against early childhood learning facilities across Australia.

“Being part of the new Bendigo Hospital precinct is very exciting, and we are blessed to have an excellent location for our childcare centre, with a purpose-designed building and landscaped grounds. “Our location is close to Bendigo’s CBD, which has also presented us with a wonderful opportunity to engage with families and parents that work close to the heart of the city, such as Bendigo Health and Bendigo Bank.

“Of course, families from all parts of central Victoria are part of our JELC family
too,” he said.

According to Exemplar Health chief executive, Michele Morrison, successful, well-planned outcomes are the focus of the Bendigo Hospital Project.

“We are very pleased that both of our commercial tenants, Jenny’s Early Learning Centre and The Schaller Studio are thriving businesses with strong links to community,” she said.

Mr Reid explained that staff and management are committed to continually improving the service to enrolled children, parents, and families.

The centre encourages children to grow food and to make use of fresh garden ingredients to cook meals.

“We are humbled at the support we’ve received from the community and wholeheartedly thank our staff for their hard work in guaranteeing our high quality of care continues, and these recognitions are a way of sharing the centre’s excellence with our whole region,” Mr Reid added.