Jenny’s Pre-Kinder Program

At Jenny’s Early Learning Centre, each centre employs an Early Childhood trained Pre School teacher and also a University trained  Pre Kinder teacher (or someone who is currently actively studying this course) Pre-Kinder program provides a familiar and consistent environment for your child’s journey through Childcare and Kindergarten and into Pre School/ Kinder.

By having close relationships between our Pre Kinder and Pre School Rooms, it allows a smooth transition for children as they move into their Kinder year. Why place children under additional stressors of needing to form new relationships with children and educators when we know that children learning best in an environment that they are comfortable and familiar with.

Supporting Individual Development

Our Pre-Kinder long day care service provides a valuable learning experience, allowing your child to play and explore throughout the day, utilising our quality facilities. Supporting self-guided playing time and socialisation opportunities with other children, Jenny’s ELC’s genuine, child-focused Pre-Kinder program assists children in learning about themselves and the world around them. Typically 3 year old Kinder is only for a couple of hours – we find that the child doesn’t have the opportunity to fully immerse themselves within the program for such a short time, not preparing them as well as they could for formal Kinder/ Pre School the following year – with Jenny’s ELC Pre Kinder/ 3 year old Kinder can be as long as your child would like, allowing them to be genuinely able to explore and develop without the feeling of being ‘rushed’ into small timeframes.

Equipping your child for their transition to formal learning, Jenny’s ELC is committed to developing the confidence and communication skills of your child as they build relationships with other children. Our Pre-Kinder Program is tailored to individual children’s needs and allows them to adjust to the new challenges and resources that are available in the Kindergarten rooms. This ensures the transition between programs is confident and smooth.

The Aims of the Program

During our Pre-Kinder program, our learning facilitators will:

  • Provide learning experiences that are planned according to the individual strengths and interests of all children. The program also considers the needs and interests of the group as a whole.
  • Engage children in a variety of experiences designed to extend current interests and to introduce new concepts
  • Provide learning experiences that are meaningful to the children and emphasise a hands-on approach with direct observation and exploration opportunities.
  • Create pathways into our Kinder programs allowing the children to achieve their best in Kinder the following year
  • Ensure the program encompasses all developmental areas (social, emotional, physical, intellectual) and includes a wide variety of learning experiences
  • Provide a program that offers a stable routine, yet is flexible in order to meet both individual and special needs of the children

Need more information about enrolling your child in our Pre-Kinder Program?Contact your nearest centre in Bendigo, Epsom, Maiden Gully, Heathcote or Strathfieldsaye.