Kindergarten Programs & Transitioning to School

Starting kindergarten is an important and exciting milestone for parents and children. It is an opportunity for a child to develop their skills, confidence and independence in a safe, secure and stimulating environment.

At Jenny’s Early Learning Centre, we are committed to ensuring the transition between childcare, kindergarten, and primary school is smooth, stress-free and comfortable for you and your child.

At each of our centres in Bendigo, Epsom, Maiden Gully & Strathfieldsaye, we offer a licensed and accredited Kindergarten program, facilitated by a qualified Early Childhood Teacher. Our state of the art facilities and cutting edge educational resources equip your child with the skills they need to take on the challenges of primary school education.

Our Program

The Jenny’s ELC kindergarten education program is developed according to the Victorian Early Years Learning and Development Framework. Offering a variety of activities, resources and experiences, our program is designed to meet the individual needs, interests and abilities of each child.

Our Kindergarten program encourages your child to grow, learn and discover through play-based learning. Each child has the opportunity to explore, discover, try out new ideas, and gain knowledge about themselves and the world around them.

We encourage your child to explore art, dance, music, play, and movement in a way that develops their language, critical thinking, and fine motor skills. Your child will become an effective learner as they build on their communication skills, self-confidence, creativity, and develop abilities in reading, writing and mathematics.

Centre Hours

Accessible 5 days a week, our Kindergarten program typically runs from approximately 9.00am to 5.30 pm Monday to Friday. Program hours may differ between centres, so check with your Centre Director to confirm.

New families, we’d love to meet you! Call and schedule a visit to your nearest centre today!

Transitioning to Primary School

Preparing your child for formal schooling is a big part of the Jenny’s ELC kindergarten program.

We ensure that your child is well prepared for the challenges of early schooling by discussing (with your permission) the developmental and transitional needs of your child prior to commencing Primary School.

Throughout the year our children and teachers will take part in a variety of experiences to ensure a smooth transition for your child. Our Teachers attend information sharing evenings with local Prep teachers to help ensure your child has the smoothest transition possible.

Various times throughout the year our Kinder Room will participate in excursions and incursions, with the idea and scope of educathing them about the community around them. Some of these excursions may even be to a local primary school.

Our educators are always happy to discuss your child’s progress in informal discussions, and we also make specific times available throughout the year for more formal and private conversations. Here, you can set goals with the Kindergarten teacher and discuss the possibility of extra support for children with additional learning needs and those from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds.

Relationship with Schools

With many primary schools in our local area, Jenny’s ELC strives to develop close relationships with the neighbouring Bendigo schools. This helps to ensure the smoothest transition possible to more formal education. The development of a confidential ‘Transition to School’ document keeps you and your child’s school up-to-date with the cognitive and social development of your child as they enter primary school.

Talk to your Centre Director today to learn about how to prepare for the challenges in your child’s transition.