Special Room April News: Jenny’s ELC Maiden Gully

Special Room April News: Jenny’s ELC Maiden Gully

Caterpillars Room:

  • We would like to announce that Mel who has been helping us out as the Caterpillars Room leader has gone back to her role of covering leave in the older rooms, and we are excited to say that Jess who has been a permanent educator in the caterpillars room this year, will be stepping into the Room Leader’s role for the coming weeks.
  • The children have recently put up our new family tree in our room, which is looking amazing, so be sure to check it out if you haven’t already.
  • The children are continuing to show a passion for books and singing, with their favourite song at the moment being ‘Open Shut Them’.
  • We have also been doing lots of artwork – making some special suns and moons to go in the sleep room, and also doing something a little bit secret and special for the special ladies in our lives for Mother’s Day. Shhhhh… Don’t tell them!

Caterpillars May

Butterflies Room:

  • We have been very busy little Butterflies this month, doing lots of artwork. We have created a new theme for our Identity wall as we move into the cooler weather – have a look at it when you are in next!
  • We have had some new musical instruments in our room, which have been a huge hit! We love playing them very loudly, and Mikaela can sometimes hear them all the way into her office.
  • The children are continuing with working on colour recognition, and are getting very good at their colours now.
  • With Mother’s Day just around the corner we have also been working on something exciting to give to our mums, and special people in our lives.
  • Outside we have really been enjoying construction with the giant waffle connectors, putting them together to build lots of amazing creations.

Butterlies MayBumblebee Room:

  • We have been continuing to work on our self-help skills and independence in the Bumble Bee Room, and we are all getting really good at putting on our own sunscreen, going to the toilet, washing our own hands and serving our own food.
  • We are trying really hard to work on looking after our belongings, especially our shoes!
  • After some special interest shown in ‘Super Heroes’ we have began a room project we have called ‘We can all be heroes’. The children will be learning all about the different ‘heroes’ we have in our Community. Keep an eye out in the room for the different activities we will be doing for this!
  • We have been also really enjoying Yoga with Tina from Hey-De-Ho over the past few weeks, and are all getting really good with the poses she is teaching us!

Bumblebees May

Grasshopper Room:

What an exciting month April was in the Grasshopper Room, with our third excursion taking place.

  • We went along to Inflatable wall, and had such a fantastic time jumping, bouncing and sliding. Even the educators and parents got involved. We are beginning to plan our next excursion, so stay tuned for details!
  • Today is our first day for the year of doing Weather Wiz Kids, so tune in to Star FM for the next 4 weeks, to hear some of our Kinder children talking on the radio.
  • We are continuing on with our letter on the week, and are halfway through the alphabet now! The children are all very clever and doing a wonderful job of being able to say the sound the letters make, and also come up with words that begin with that letter/sound!
  • Road Safety Week was a big hit with the children in the Grasshoppers, and they loved the craft experiences, as well as the road’s we made on the table for the little cars! They loved driving the cars over the roads, and talking about road safety with the educators.
  • With Mother’s Day coming up we have been really busy with creating something fabulous for our mums and are very excited to give their special present on Mother’s Day.

Grasshoppers May