Teaching Our Children How to Care for the Planet

Teaching Our Children How to Care for the Planet

Caring for our planet is something that all children will not only need to know how to do in the short term, but also as they move into adulthood. New and younger generations can be given the skills and awareness regarding environmental health which they can put into place for themselves and future generations to come! The time is now to look after our Earth, and here at Jenny’s Early Learning Centre, we hold a strong belief that all children can become more environmentally conscious and reduce their ecological footprint. It’s all about making environmental learning engaging and fun, without taking away from the importance of the issue at hand.

How Can You Explain to Children the Impact Humans Make?

To children, the term ‘environment’ may seem like a very vague term. It’s important to let children know that when discussing the impact humans make on the planet’s environment, that you are talking about things like air, food chains, plants, animals and other humans can all be impacted if we don’t take care of the Earth.

Children understand from real-world hands on examples. When you are together at the beach, talk to your child about the impact of any rubbish humans might leave on the sand.  If you’re in the car heading into the city, talk about smog and why pollution can harm us and the world around us.

How Can You Teach Your Child to Care About the Planet?

Like anything, your child will learn best by being engaged, informed and interested. Lead by example and work together as a team to see what you can do around your home and in your community to look after the planet. Always teach your child that every little bit counts and that they can make a difference! Consider:

  • Saving Water: Your child will love saving water by having a timer next to them while in the shower or checking the home for leaky taps!
  • Using Less Power: Teach your children to always turn off the light before they leave the room. Give them a rhyme like “Get it right, turn out the light!” to remind them.
  • Growing Your Own Food: Growing your own food is an excellent way to give your children the skills to save money, and the environment when they are adults themselves! They’ll love watching fruit and vegetables grow in the garden. You may even invest in a chicken coop so you don’t need to purchase eggs.
  • Installing a Compost Bin in Your Garden: We live in a world of over consumption and that’s something children really need to get a hold on. Reducing waste is essential to the planet’s future. Show your children some images of waste dumps, or even better, take them out to the local one! Then come back and install a compost bin in our garden to show them that they can help make a difference.

At Jenny’s Early Learning Centre, you can be sure we take planet custodianship very seriously. Our educational program taught by high quality educators gives learning opportunities that teach sustainability and our kitchen gardens allow children to grow their own vegetables. Your child will feel confident to care for the Earth and reduce human impact! Located across the Bendigo area, contact us to book a tour today.