Wallabies Room News – June 2014

What a busy month we have had in the Wallabies room. We welcome all the new faces who have move up from the Joeys room.

Now that winter has well and truly arrived we ask you to bring in lots of warm clothes for your child to wear so we can still get outside for a play. Jackets, beanies, jumpers, shoes and extra clothes would be great. Also please remember to label all your child’s clothing as our room is getting busier and is sometimes hard to keep track of your children’s clothing. If you have lost any clothing please check in the lost property basket out the front of our room or come speak to a staff member.

We also recommend bringing in a drink bottle for your child. We encourage the children to use their self-help skills by putting their drink bottles on a table but this gets confusing for the ones who don’t have drink bottles.

Our family wall is starting to look great with all the photos families have brought it but it is not complete yet! The children have loved seeing their families up on the wall and it helps promotes a sense of belonging.

If you have any concerns or suggestions please feel free to come speak to Jess M or Jess N. Thanks.

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