Special Room News – Strathfieldsaye

Special Room News – Strathfieldsaye

Joeys Room

  • The children are engaging in a wide variety of motor activities with lots of children beginning to walk at this time of the year.
  • The educators have set up a wonderful space with animal pictures and toys for the children to stimulate their interests in animals.
  • To extend on the children’s skills the educators have created a self-help shelf with a wide variety of activities, which the children are really enjoying as they take items from the shelf for themselves.

Wallabies cultural foods[1]

Wallabies Room

  • We have been recycling a variety of items in the room and creating a wonderful hanging display.
  • The children are building their self-help skills during meal times and also developing their confidence to choose activities.
  • The children have enjoyed cooking a range of multicultural foods to celebrate Australia Day and Chinese New Year (they made Damper and Sushi).
  • Dancing has been a huge focus in the room over the past month with different nursery rhymes from Hey Dee Ho and the Wiggles.
  • Due to the hot weather, the children have had a wide range of water play to make sure the children are well hydrated. They have also been exploring in the veggie garden, sampling the veggies with cucumber as the clear favourite.

Koala's Red Balloon Day[1]

Koalas Room

  • The creation of Sensory Gloves was to help a child that was having trouble transitioning into different times throughout the day. Since making these up, several children have found routine times easier.
  • On Red Balloon Day, we talked with the children about the work that our firefighters do for us. We were lucky enough to have Karmel bring in her helmet, and we also had a visit from Kath (Leah in the Joey’s Room’s mum) who talked with the children about what she does as a firefighter and show us the protective clothing she wears.
  • Over the past few weeks we have created fish painting with celery, balloon paintings and made monkeys from paper plates. Our objective is to provide the children with a wide variety of experiences to further develop their creativeness and fine motor strength and control.
  • We have been playing with baby dolls to further develop the children’s transfer of knowledge, as a lot of the families within our room are either having or just had a new addition to the family.
  • Water Awareness Week allowed us to talk with the children about being safe around water and also to be water-wise. We read a story about this and also provided lots of different water play experiences.

Kinder friendship bracelets[2]


  • For Chinese New Year, we extended on the children’s knowledge of the Chinese culture through art experiences, group times, and experiences in the room. This will also be further developed through our excursion to the Chinese museum.
  • Our letters of the week have been C and D. The children talk about all the words they know starting with each letter of from this we work on experiences linked to these letters. Our goals for this are to increase children’s knowledge of language, letters and words and also to engage children in group discussions and gain children’s input).
  • In Music and Movement group times, we encourage the children to be active whist exploring music. We have used a variety of mediums to support this such as shakers, clap sticks and also lycra, which the children love.
  • Water safety week: to raise children’s awareness of safety around water.
  • Over the coming weeks we will also be creating an outdoor Fairy Garden as the children are showing lots of interest in fairies.

Pre Kinder music[1]


  • We have been exploring Friendships and discussing “what makes a good friend?” the children have made friendship bracelets and necklaces for peers in class.
  • We have been doing Primary Colour Experiments, by mixing 2 primary colours with marbles to create a secondary colour. We have also been mixing a primary colour in solid bicarb with a primary colour in liquid vinegar.
  • We have been working on our Emergent Literacy with the Letter of the Week “Ff” this week. We have discussed upper and lower case letters using alphabet sandwich board as a visual prompt and brainstorming words we know that start with the letter of the week. Children have also been bringing in books to share from home.