Emus Room News – June 2014

Over the past few weeks we have been learning about autumn and what plants need to grow. As the children were very excited to learn more about plants we decided what we should have our own vegie patch in our yard. The children were excited to...


Joeys Room News – June 2014

What a busy month we have had in the Joeys room for May. Lee came back from her Honeymoon, where she went to Sydney for a week then on a 10 night cruise to the South Pacific islands. We have done paintings for Autumn and will be starting our...


Koalas Room News – June 2014

This month in the Koalas room we have welcomed a few new friends into the room. William, Will, Jayda, Jensen, Lacey, Fox, Chase, Hunter, Madden D, Madden H, Kaiden, Emerson, Mason and Vegas have all settled into the room wonderfully. We also have...