Koalas Room News – June 2014

This month in the Koalas room we have welcomed a few new friends into the room. William, Will, Jayda, Jensen, Lacey, Fox, Chase, Hunter, Madden D, Madden H, Kaiden, Emerson, Mason and Vegas have all settled into the room wonderfully.

We also have some exciting news to share, CASIE IS HAVING A BABY!!! She is due in early December, so be sure to watch her belly grow.

This month we have welcomed Wendy Boorn to the Koala Room as the room Leader. If you see Wendy around please make her feel welcome.

Tips On Toileting

Some of you may be thinking about starting to prepare your child for going to the toilet. As most of you would know during each nappy round we offer ALL CHILDREN to have a sit on the toilet when changing their nappy, and we find that most of the children are wanting and asking to sit on the toilet at these times. So if you are thinking about starting toilet training some of our tips would be:

· Let us know and we can work with you in continuing what you do at home.

· If you child has a potty at home and will only go on that then feel free to bring it in and we will use it here as well.

· If you want to put your child in underwear and are unsure, We take them to the toilet every half an hour to ensure less accidents.

It’s now getting cold.

As the weather is cooling down we ask that you pack some warm clothes in case we go outside for a play. We ask that you bring:

Warm Jacket

Spare clothes



The koala room is sending out a little about me form for your child please fill it out and return it asap.

Love the Koala room staff.