Koalas Room News – July 2014

Our focus this month has been on routines. These provide indicators to the day’s events, especially for those children who have separation issues. Routines provide children with security and recognition to the times of the day, allowing them to manage their emotions and build confidence.


We have extended group times to Music and Movement which extends children’s language, rhyme, rhythm and gross and fine motor skills. Koala children have responded with enthusiasm to music prompts and appear to enjoy the experiences as do the Educators.


We have introduced progressive mealtimes and children have become confident to clear their own bowls and take responsibility for their bodily needs thirst, hunger, rest and physical activity.


We have welcomed a new face to the room Olivia if you see her around please say a friendly hello to her. We have also said goodbye to one of our old faces Mathilde as she is moving to Norway.


We would like to wish belle, Milla, Xavier, Jasper and chase a happy birthday for June and July. Just a reminder to parents if you would like to bring in a cake we are a egg and nut free centre so preferably an ice cream cake, or if you let staff know they will bake a cake in the centre with the children.


Remember it is getting colder and colder outside so please bring along a beanie, warm jumper, spare pair of clothes and some gumboots.


We are looking at our room to become a more natural environment so if you have any large sticks, small leaves, large cardboard boxes or any other natural resources please help our room further the skills in our natural play environment.


Room staff are handing out important messages including about me forms and child’s routine forms, also incursions/ media forms please make sure you fill in and bring back asap if you are unsure what these are about please see staff.