Koala Room News – October

The Koala room is working on increasing the children’s independence, putting on their own shoes and socks, being responsible for their hats and even packing up their beds. We had a busy September with Footy week, Pirate week and Fathers Day.

The weather is warmer so please put a change of summers clothes, in particular clothes for messy and water play and for toilet training children, a few changes and maybe even spare shoes in case of accidents. . Also a reminder to supply a hat, change of clothes and drink bottle in your child’s bag.

We now have some Tadpoles in our room who will be slowly changing and growing over the next month into Frogs, please make some time to see them with your child.

Peter Possum

Peter Possum is still doing the rounds of our families, a list has been made so please let us know if your child will be way in the coming weeks so we can set a different time to have Peter for a sleep over. It is important to return him when asked so the next family can take him. Your stories and photos can be emailed to us and Proven is happy to print them for us.

koala oct

Please support Loud shirt day on 17th of October, raising money for Deaf kids Talking.

Children’s Week from the 18th -24th with a Picnic Lunch over at the Park on Wednesday the 22nd @ 11.00 all families welcome to attend.

Pink Ribbon Day Monday 27th wear pink.