Emus Room News – June 2014

Over the past few weeks we have been learning about autumn and what plants need to grow. As the children were very excited to learn more about plants we decided what we should have our own vegie patch in our yard. The children were excited to help plant some lettuce, carrots, beans and peas as we have discussions about how to care for them. The children are very proud of their vegie patch as they observe the growth every day and share their discoveries with peers and educators. We hope that once the vegies have grown the children can taste them and even take some home to cook in some of the meals. We can’t wait.

In the last month the children have also had a strong interest in pirates as some of the children have been making pirate treasure maps, telescopes and pirate flags. As the children had such a strong interest in this area we extended on this interest by making pirate hat and by having a pirate dress up day. The dress up day was a great success with most of the children dressing up and pretending to be pirates for the day. We also had face painting and a pirate session with quirky tails later in the day. Arr what a great day.


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