Emus Room News – July 2014

Over the last few weeks in the Emu’s room we have been focusing on making good choses and working on how to express our feelings and frustrations through verbal communication. We have started to make a paper chain to put up in our room that has written on it all the good deeds that we have done. By doing this and having this displayed in the room we are hoping that this will encourage the children to be proud of what good deeds they may have done and continue to make good choses and to be aware of what good choses may make them feel and how it may make others feel. By the end of the year we are hoping to have the chain go all the way around the room and once the end of the year is here we will have a party to celebrate the children’s best efforts were all families and children will be invited. Once the chain gets bigger in the room we would love the involvement of parents and families to just have discussions with their child about the chain and what good deeds maybe already on it. By having this support by parent and families this may encourage the children to be proud of what good things they have done and help them to strive for more good achievements for the future.

The children have also had a really strong interest in music and movement at the moment after a family brought in the sound track to the movie Frozen. We have been listening to lots of different music, exploring different instruments while playing a group and dancing with different coloured ribbons with the fairy lights on. Since we have had the music playing the room has had a sense of calm and happiness about it with the all children laughing and enjoying the excitement of music and movement. Please feel free to bring in any music or suggest any music that our child may be into at home, we would love to play it here.

We are always looking for new and exciting things to do so if you have any suggestions that may relate to what your child may be interested please feel free to let us know or make some suggestions on our feedback sheet near the sign in book. And if you have any skills, knowledge or just work in an area that the children maybe interest in please don’t hesitate to come in for a chat or make a time where we can organise some special activities, the children what love it.

Come along to our Emu’s commonwealth games day at the park on Thursday 31st of July at 10am, all parents and families are welcome to come along.

And for the children on Monday the 11th of August we are all going to Palmers Gym to attend Tumble Tots at 12:30 until with the kinder room. And we would love it if parents could come along to help as we cannot go unless we have enough helpers. Please ask Carly and Anne-Marie if you have any questions. Unfortunately we cannot take any extra children on the day as we have limited spots.

Any suggestions for more excursions are welcome.

Just some Reminders:

Please remember to bring a drink bottle

Please remember to bring warm clothing