Emu Room News – October

The Emu’s room has been very busy learning about spring and have been observing the change in the environment as the blossom turns to fruit, the leaves sprout and the different insects buzz around also, our vegie patch has started to produce yummy beans and spinach.

Children seemed to enjoy tasting all the different varieties in the garden. We have even had children who are reluctant to eat a varied range of vegetables appear willing to have taste of ours as the children have had input into the growing.

emus october newsleter (1)

Over the next few weeks we will be working on Letter Land as a part of our progression to Kinder next year.

Events for the Month:

Children’s Week 18th-26th October ( Picnic Lunch Thursday )

Pink Ribbon Day Monday 27th October

Bendigo Cup Day Holiday Wednesday 29th October

Halloween Week Mon- Fri 27th– 31st October