What’s Happening at Jenny’s Strathfieldsaye?

What’s Happening at Jenny’s Strathfieldsaye?

Joeys Room

This month the children have been enjoying the sunshine whilst exploring the outside environment. They have taken a strong interest towards the sandpit area and the ride around bikes and cars. They are able to further develop their fine and gross motor skills whilst demonstrating their co-ordination and balance.

Indoors the children have enjoyed the baby’s corner; they have been able to show care and empathy towards their babies and have enjoyed pushing their babies around in the prams. Another popular experience inside would be the balancing beam, the children have developed their social skills with one another by assisting each other across the beam.

Wallabies Room

This month we changed the room around a little bit to keep the children engaged. We added a construction area in the room which has been very popular. The children have been very interested in helping to build and fix things within the room with their educators. The construction area consists of tools, nut and bolts, wood, hard hats and safety vests as well as some work benches.

We have done a variety of different artworks this month all surrounding our calendar of events. All the children had the opportunity to do a pyjama pasting for pyjama week, a teddy stamping or make a teddy mask for teddy bears picnic week and a dot painting for NAIDOC week. The dot painting proved very popular among all the children, each of which had their own way of dotting the paint onto the boomerang.

Towards the end of the month we setup our new foam play area. The children all became very excited when they saw it and immediately began to explore it by climbing over and going through the tunnel. This experience allows the children to engage in their gross motor skills inside which has been great with the cooler weather. This allows the children to learn about turn taking when it comes to go through or over the tunnel.

Koalas Room

Olympics Week

We have had a very busy week with the Olympics. The children have done a variety of artworks as well as engaging in some wonderful gross motor experience. We also had a visit from Josh’s mum with her Olympic torch that she ran with for the Sydney Olympics in 2000.

All the children received a gold medal they had made as part of this wonderful celebration!

The children have been involved in Dental Health week this month and during this time we engaged in activities to promote teeth cleaning and oral health. The children had a visit from the Dentist and Dental Nurse from Strathfieldsaye Dental Clinic who talked to them about the way we should brush our teeth and the importance of limiting sugary foods and drinks. We also handed tooth brushes and toothpaste to all the children this week.

Relaxation week was lots of fun with the children enjoying seeing the educators in the “casual clothes” and worked through yoga poses each day (a seed, a flower, a frog, a tree and a butterfly)


Movie, Pizza and Popcorn Day

This month the educators in the Pre-Kinder room organised a movie, pizza and popcorn day in the Pre-Kinder room as a part of relaxation week.

At morning group time the educator asked each of the children which of the movies they would like to watch. The educator took a poll of each of the children’s favourite movies and added them up with the children. The chosen movie by the children was Toy Story. The children were very excited to be watching toy story later that afternoon.

In the morning the children helped the educators to make a variety of healthy pizzas that they would eat for lunch. As the children made the pizza the educators discussed the different toppings that they placed on their pizzas encouraging the children to try a variety of different toppings. The educators discussed with the children the toppings that were healthy whilst the children suggested a number of “sometimes food” toppings.

At lunch time the children shared the pizzas that they had made with the educators and their peers. The educators discussed with the children the different toppings on their pizzas and encouraged them to try toppings they had not previously tried.

After the children had shared their pizzas at lunch time they arranged their cushions, bean bags and pillows on the mat area in front of the TV. The children shared their bean bag and cushions with their peers moving them around to sit near their friends as they watched the movie. During the movie the children ate their popcorn and watched the movie talking about the movie and their favourite parts as they were watching it.

Tu Tu and Dancing Day

This month in the Pre-Kinder room the children participated in an extension of their interest in dancing and music by coming to the centre dressed in their favourite tutu’s and dance costumes.

During the morning the children enjoyed dancing to a variety of different types of music outside.
The children showed the educators the different dance moves they knew as well as learning some new ones from the educators. The educators also cleared the stage area and the children took the opportunity to dance on the stage.

At group time today the children watched a number of different types of dancing on the big screen TV. The children were very excited to try the Irish dancing. The children talked about the different steps involved in the Irish dancing as they danced. Zali brought her tap shoes in to show her peers. Zali put her tap shoes on and tapped them on the floor.

Regent Street Park Visits

This month in the Pre-Kinder room the children have had the opportunity to explore the regent street park on a number of occasions. The children have shown an interest in exploring the play equipment, having picnics and using the oval area for group games and ball games.

As the weather begins to warm up we will be utilising the park more often for a variety of experiences.

Kinder Room

NAIDOC Day Excursion

This month Jenny’s kindergarten were invited to a NAIDOC children’s day the children had the chance to walk around the centre and have a look at the different stalls set up it ranged from Australian animals, Clay activities, Hair braiding , give a hand art activity, Dentist and face painting. We thank all the parents that come to help out on our excursion we had a ball.

French with Jacque

This month the children were very excited to start our new language program with Jacque. The children have been learning a range of things how to say hello and goodbye, counting 1-10, Girl and Boy, Different colours Yellow, Blue, Red, Pink, Purple, Green, and Orange. Every week the children have been learning a different song in French.

Visit from our local sheriff David

We thank David as he had the time to visit Jenny’s. David talked to the children about policemen and women are safe people and that they could come to them if we are scared or need help. The children had the chance to look at David’s sheriff car. The children asked David lots of questions about being a sheriff and David was very happy to answer all of them.

Visit from Kristy

On Tuesday the 16th of August the children had a visit from Kristy one of our lovely parents, Kristy showed the children her Olympic torch that she ran with when she was 16 years old, as the children have been focusing on the Olympics. The children were very excited to see a real torch. Thank you Kristy for sharing your special moment with us.