Wallabies Newsletter

As the cooler weather is upon us it is important that your child has suitable clothes for outside play. Please make sure your child has a jacket and a spare change of clothes (just in case we get wet outside!).


Just a reminder to families to please label all your child’s possessions this includes bottles, hats, dummy’s and clothes. If you have lost an item please let staff know and we will keep an eye out for it. We also have a lost property box outside our door.


We are doing picture plates again this year if you are interested in one please grab an order form. The design for your picture plate cannot be taken home so please allow time to complete this with your child. You may also bring in a picture to put onto your child’s plate.

We have started our family photo display but it is however looking very lonely! If you have a family photo could you please bring it in so we could put it up. If you do not have a family photo we are more than happy to take one on the iPad when you come to pick up your child. Thank you!