Special Room May News: Jenny’s Strathfieldsaye

Special Room May News: Jenny’s Strathfieldsaye

We’ve been really busy at Jenny’s Strathfieldsaye, to read about what has been going on in your child’s room select your room below:

Joeys Room News:


Indoors and Outdoors

May has been a wonderful month for the Joey’s room, the children have been very busy exploring lots of different activities both indoors and outdoors which they have all seemed to enjoy.

New Children

This month has seen us welcome some new children in to our care and they have settled in really well. During May the Joey’s children were given the opportunity to participate in a baking activity for our Mother’s Day afternoon tea, this is where children were able to prepare and make some white chocolate and raspberry cupcakes, while at this activity children were able to help measure, pour and mix as well as taste all the ingredients.

Vehicle Play

Also this month the Joey’s children have shown great interest and intrigue in the wooden garage and car area that educator Brittany has set up, it has been a hive of excitement and fantastic for children to further develop their interests and being able to make the connections between the car and the sound it makes as well as how it moves when pushing them around the room or down the ramp.

Art and Craft

Group texta drawing and finger painting has showed us the children’s excitement in being able to sit down and be involved they have spent quite some time creating their wonderful group masterpieces which can been seen around our room. This activity has helped the children with their fine motor skills, hand eye co-ordination and starting recognise colours.

Wallabies Room News:


Cotton Bud Paintings

This month in the Wallabies room we have been engaging in art experiences of children’s choice. Educator Heidi gathered some children at the art cupboard where they chose the colours they wanted and Heidi picked the cotton buds. This has been extending on colour recognition as children have been trying to put the cotton buds back into the correct colours.

Wallabie cotton bud1 (2)   Wallabie cotton bud1 (3)

Obstacle Course Outside

The children have been extending a lot on their gross motor skills & physical development outside. They have been participating in setting up an outside obstacle course each morning. They have also loved having more tyres outside to climb on and jump off.


We have been participating in a lot of baking this month with educator Jacqui. The children have been very excited each time Jacqui has suggested baking or a child has asked Jacqui if we can do some cooking. If any parents would like some recipes feel free to ask the girls in the room. The favourite recipe of the month is chocolate balls.

We would like to wish farewell to Jacqui as she makes a big move to the UK with her partner. We will see Jacqui returning in January 2017 to Jenny’s.  Congratulations to Jess on securing the room leaders position in the Wallabies Room.

Wallabies obstacle1 (1)Wallabies baking2 (1)   Wallabies baking2 (2)

Koalas Room News:


This month in the Koala Room we have been doing various art work such as rain clouds with pasting different mediums and bubble blowing which helps develop our hand and eye coordination.

Mothers Day

We really enjoyed making our Mother’s Day bath salts and baking some honey joys for afternoon tea. It was lovely to have mums, nans, and other special people come for afternoon tea.

Home Corner

The children have been really engaged in the home corner since we have modified it and added boxes and other things they might find in their own kitchen at home. If you have any items you would like to bring in to add we would really appreciate it.

Baby Chickens

The children have also enjoyed having a hold and looking at the baby chickens from the kinder room. There has been various discussions about what noise they make, what colour they are, how many there was and also they were curious as to why there was a light in the box which Kiera explained was to keep them warm.

koalas bath salts

Pre-Kinder Room News:


Books and story-telling

This month in the Pre-Kinder room we have been exploring different ways to implement the children’s favourite books and stories through a variety of ways. The children have explored the story “The Gruffalo” using the listening post listening to this story in small groups. The children have also explored the story of “The three billy goats gruff”. This has been explored through a hands on play experience of the story, watching the story on the IPad and exploring the felt board version of the story. The children have also shown an interest in puppets exploring the story of “There was an old lady who swallowed a fly”. The educators have told the children this story using our new old lady puppet as well as watching a variety of different versions of this story on the IPad.


This month the children have also been exploring the letter H through our letter of the week program. The children were able to identify a variety of different items that begun with the letter H. One of the items the children were able to identify were Hermit Crabs. The educators brought in a tank which the children helped to set up. The children have had the opportunity to observe the movements of the hermit crabs. The children have also had the opportunity to hold their new pets.

Pre K Hermit Crabs (3)  koals baby chikcens

Pre K-Billy Goats Gruff (1)  Pre K-Billy Goats Gruff (2)

Kinder Room News:  


This month has been an exciting month in the Kinder room, we have had a lot of special events taking place.

Excursion to Eppalock Primay School

The children had a wonderful visit to Eppalock Primary School, where we were made very welcome by the staff and children. The Prep/ 1 teacher showed the Kinder children around the classroom and read a story about all the fabulous experiences available at school. The children then had the opportunity to make a crown, just like the children in the book. The bus ride was a highlight of the trip, the children help to check and make sure they’re seat belts were secure before the bus left on its journey.

Hatching Eggs

We were very excited to receive our chicken 10 eggs on Monday 9 May. The children discussed what they thought would happen to the eggs and how long they thought it would take them to hatch. We watched the eggs intently over the next couple of days, noticing small cracks beginning to show. Our first chick hatched late Wednesday afternoon, closely followed by the remaining 9 over the next day. The children have enjoyed looking after the chicks, making sure they have food and water and that they’re kept warm in their enclosure. The chicks will be available for families to take home on Friday 20 May, please see staff in the room if you would like to take a chick home.


We have been discussing with the children different businesses that are in and around our community. The children are identifying what the businesses sell and what they do to help people within our community. We will be investigating the businesses further on the 6 of June, when we go on an excursion to the local shopping centre. During this excursion the children will be visiting the Post Office, Pharmacy and IGA, where the local store owners will give us a tour and tell us about what their business does.

Welcome to Lauren

We would like to welcome Lauren Climas into the Kinder room, Lauren joins us part time on Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday. Lauren has a Diploma of Children’s Services and has an extensive range of knowledge.

Vaughan Car Garage   Kinder Chickens (1)

Kinder Chickens (2)   koals baby chikcens   Kinder Chickens (3)