Special Room June News | Jenny’s Strathfieldsaye

Special Room June News | Jenny’s Strathfieldsaye

What a busy few weeks we have had at the end of May and beginning of June! Select your child’s room below to see what’s been going on:

Joeys Room News

Ball Drop

Joeys Ball drop colour recognition

This month has seen the Joey’s room children given the opportunity to be involved in an array of activities. Colour Recognition Ball Drop- This activity uses 4 different coloured balls and has corresponding tubes, children are able to place the balls into the same coloured tube and watch them fall through. This has also seen children be able to work on and further develop their colour recognition, hand-eye coordination and fine and gross motor skills.

Instant Snow

Joeys Instant snow play

Upon first having this activity out the children were a little unsure of it and weren’t too interested, with some encouragement and educators there constantly to show children what it was like the children became more involved and utilized the spare parts, it was a hive of excitement. This activity for our Joey’s children has been great for them to further extend on their sensory interests and skills.

Group Painting 

Joeys Group Painting

This month our children have been able to take part in a group painting, we have laid some paper over the floor and placed some paint down with some small cotton pads on top and then children have been able to whack it with hammers and rollers then watch it splatter across the paper. The children spent quite some time at this activity and also used their hands to feel the textures and the paints and even a little tasting going on.

Wallabies Room News

Cork Stamping

Wallabies cork stamping

This month the children have had the opportunity to do some cork stamping. The children were given a variety of colours of paint and some corks to stamp onto their paper. This was a great opportunity for the children to work on their fine motor skills and colour recognition.

Book Corner

This month we moved the book corner and added some new books to the area. As a result the children have all been engaging in this area a lot more.

Recyclable Paintings

Wallabies recyclable paintings

As a part of world environment week we have been doing some paintings using recyclables from the centre and that our families have brought in for us.

Koalas Room News

Our focus for the children has centered around group participation and engagement and allowing the children opportunities to come together as a group and engage with each other

Onesie Day

This was celebrated on Friday 10th June and was a wonderful opportunity for the children to participate in a community awareness event. We spoke with the children about the need to care and protect our natural habitat and the animals that were in danger.

Room Teddy

Koalas Happy Teddy

We have introduced a teddy to the room as a means of connecting family to our room. The children have named the teddy “Happy” and he will go home with children in a backpack and have a sleepover at their house. Upon return the children will share a journal with photos of the experience during Happy’s time at their house


Koalas group painting Koalas foot painting

The children enjoyed the sensory experience of walking through paint with their bare feet and onto the paper as a group. They had the choice of a variety of colours to walk through and individually walked onto the paper but all together creating a group collage. The children were responsible at the end for washing and drying their own feet and were extremely proud of the end product. The children then followed on from this to produce another group artwork with a variety of tools to paint with

PreKinder Room News

Prekinder Writing 2Prekinder Writing

This month in the Pre-Kinder room we have welcomed a number of new children to our room as well as a number of children who have transitioned from the Koalas room. Whilst Emma has been away on holidays we have welcomed Tayla to our room as our new educator. This month during group times we have extended on the children’s interest in stories and fairy tales by exploring a number of new stories with the children. The children have enjoyed the three billy goats gruff, Goldilocks and the three bears and little red riding hood. This month the children have also explored tracing letters and exploring words that are familiar to them. The children have worked with the educators to practice the correct pen grip for writing. The educators have discussed with the children the names of the letters and if they are uppercase or lowercase letters.

Prekinder Shopping Game2PreKinder Shopping Game

This month we have also explored using a group game in our small group experiences. The shopping game has been very popular with the children being able to use their memory to identify the items and place them into their carts. The children have explored turn taking and playing as part of a group.

Kinder Room News

The kindergarten classroom has been a hive of activity this month.


‘The Moon’s A Balloon’

Kinder- moons a a balloon excursion Kinder - moons a balloon excursion 2

We enjoyed a beautiful production at Ulumbarra Theatre entitled ‘The Moon’s a Balloon’ which the children thoroughly enjoyed. At the completion of the performance we discussed what the play was about which was very interesting given the fact that there was no dialogue during the production only mime, movement to music and a light show.

Strathfieldsaye Shopping Precinct

Kinder excursion to Strath shops 2 Kinder excursion to Strath Shops

The class walked to the local shopping precinct and explored three locally owned businesses the Post Office, Supa IGA and UFS Dispensary. The children found the excursion very informative as we have been discussing people in the community and their local businesses.

Regent Street Park (Ongoing Excursion)

Kinder park excursionKinder park excursion 2

We have been over at the park twice this month playing structured gross motor games such as soccer and exploring the fixed equipment. The children have enjoyed creating running races, pushing their friends on the swings and becoming more confident in their own ability to use the parallel bars and rope wall.