Office News – Strathfieldsaye. July 2014

Wow July is almost over and so much has been going on at Strathfieldsaye since last month. Firstly I would like to thank all the families and children who have donated some of their old toys to the service. We had a wonderful visit form Kooka and the team at the Bendigo Advertiser, celebrated Community/ Supper Hero week and welcomed some new educators to the team.

Assessment and Rating Report

Strathfieldsaye have just received our assessment and rating with an overall marking of ‘Working towards the National Quality Standards. I would like to thank everyone for the support and hard work during this process. We have built the foundations, which we look forward to continuing and striving for high quality early learning outcomes.

Meet our new educators

We are excited to welcome new educators to our team and also a little movement of some others.

We welcome Zach and Belinda to the Koalas Room (Zach Full time and Belinda Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday). In the Wallabies/Joeys room we welcome Maddison on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. In the Emu’s room we welcome Tabitha full time (sick leave person) and Caitlin full time in the Emu’s/Kinder room. Please make your self-known to these educators and we look forward to having them on our team.

Kinder Enrolments

We are currently taking enrolments for our 2015 Kindergarten Program. The educators in the kinder room along with our Kinder teacher Sara are available to speak to regarding the program, if you would like to make an appointment with Sara please contact us and we will arrange a time.

Outdoor Weather Gear

As during the colder weather the children will continue to experience our outdoor environment, so please ensure you pack additional warm clothing for example gloves, jackets and so on. Please ensure you name your child’s belongings as this will help us to ensure it can be returned.

Jenny’s Children’s Tops

We have recently received our new Kinder T-Shirts and they sparked a lot of conversation. We do have a limited number of White and Navy tops still available for all children. The Blue tops have Kinder 2014 written on them for our current kindergarten children. It is wonderful to see the children wearing them and of how proud they are in them. This helps to develop a sense of belonging for the children, making them feel a part of the Jenny’s community. All T-Shirts are on display in the front foyer area, for a small cost of $17, please see Proven if you would like to purchase one.

Illness and Medication

For us to ensure we maintain the safety of all children in our service please ensure that if your child is to unwell to actively participate in the educational program please be mindful of other children and the spread of infection through the centre. Please also keep in mind that if your child needs medication that you pass this medication onto one of the educators and not leaving any medication in your child’s bag, this includes Panadol, bonjella, nappy creams and so on.

Evacuation Procedures

We need to ensure that we are able to respond quickly in the event of any evacuation emergency. Therefore the centre conducts evacuation drills to ensure the children can be evacuated quickly and smoothly in the event of a real emergency. If you are present at the centre during a fire drill/lock down, we ask you to participate in the procedure. Please ask any educator for assistance. Displays outlining the evacuation route and policy are displayed throughout the service.

Family Feedback

We highly welcome any feedback about the service in all aspects; we would love to hear your feedback about your child’s programs, learning environments and the care we provide to your child. Your constructive feedback helps us improve the quality of care and early learning your child receives. Please let myself or any of our educators know if you have any concerns or questions. Please feel free to e-mail, call or talk face to face.

Swapping Days

We understand that sometimes due to illness, holidays or other reasons your child will have time away from the service, which you are required to pay for. If there are vacancies within the service and you are looking to swap a day please ensure you give us a call as soon as possible. Please note the swap day can only be in the same week, we are also unable to swap days once your child has been marked absent.

Community/ Supper Hero week

Thank-you to everyone that supported our dress up week, it was so fantastic to see so many children dress up and for your kind donations. All the money raised will be collected and sent to Very Special Kids, who provide counselling and support services to families caring for a child diagnosed with a life-threatening condition. Following the death of a child families are supported through the bereavement support program. Very special Kids was established in 1985 after two families recognised there was a need to support other families experiencing the loss and grief associated with having a child diagnosed with a life-threating condition. Very Special Kids depends on the community and our fundraising activities so a HUGE thank-you for your help.

Also throughout the week we welcomed some local community heroes, with a visit form Paramedics and an Ambulance a huge Thank-you to Adam (Abbey’s Dad) and Nathan (Blake and Georgia’s Dad) and the children also loved exploring a Police care and talked to police officers, so another huge thank-you to Carl (Xavier’s Dad)

Quirky Tales

This term our Quirky Tales storytime will be performed on a Monday so please note if your child attends on a Monday your account will be charged an additional $3.00 per week. Our storytime sessions compliment and extend our programs and the children’s interests. Last week the children learned about hygiene and we have been provide with a copy of songs the children learned in the session.

Our Outdoor Environment

Have you seen our new garden beds outside? The children have been enjoying watching these new garden beds being constructed and helping plant new plants. We have planted some orange and apple trees. I would like to thank Bendigrow for their support and donations of some of the plants. If you have any old pots, plants or gardening equipment we would really appreciate any donations. These would help the children to continue to explore and care for the environment.

Til next Month be safe