Koalas Room News

The koala staff have noticed that a lot of the children have found their voices! This is great! This opens so many pre communication doors! Some have even began singing! This is fantastic, to further develop these pre communication skills we are encouraging the children to use their words when they are after something or pointing at something.
Please make sure you are reading the daily we have a lot of new things happening in the koalas room.
We would like to welcome some new friends into the koalas Carly D has moved into the koalas on the 14.4.14.
We hope Easter bunny comes to all of our beautiful friends in the koalas room.

Just want to remind you all to name EVERYTHING that comes to the centre. Even bottle lids, socks & shoes. When the room is running at capacity there will be lots of koalas running around & it becomes hard to keep track of what belongs to who. If it’s all named it makes it easier to know who it belongs too & it can promptly be returned to its rightful owner. In the recent weeks clothing has been accidently going home in the wrong bags & we are sorry about that, majority of the time it is because the clothing is unnamed.

What to bring in your bags.
Two changes of weather appropriate clothing. This includes tops that cover shoulders in summer & jumpers or jackets in winter.
Socks & shoes. Sometimes it’s a little damp out side & we cant have the children running around with no shoes on.
HATS. JELC is a sun smart centre & the children need to wear hats all year round. A beanie is fine for winter.
Nappies. At least 5 for the day. If you would like to bring a bulk amount that’s fine we can store it under the sink in the bathroom.
Bottles – as per our centre policy, formula bottles are to be made up in the centre. So parents need to bring in bottles with boiled cooled water & formula in a separate container so that the staff can mix up the bottle when needed. Breast milk that is frozen is fine as Is fresh. Cows milk is provided by the centre. A copy of the policy can be obtained by asking a staff member.

Children’s portfolios.
Each child in the koala’s room has a portfolio. This is a folder where we document all the awesome stuff your child does while at JELC. Daily reflections go into it as do art works & plenty of photos. Please don’t worry that you are not getting art work sent home, its because we are keeping it for the portfolio. The portfolios are displayed through the room on shelfs please feel free to look over your child’s portfolio.
Love the koala’s team.

Mia B, Isabella, Daisy, William, Max M, Georgia, Chloe O, Levi, Kobe, Riley, Harley, Max W.
To help your child celebrate we are happy to make a cake in the room with them to eat at afternoon tea time with their friends. As we are an egg free centre we would prefer if you didn’t bring in cakes or cake mixes from home, we have a delicious egg free recipe that we are happy to use!


Thanks for taking the time to read this newsletter, you opinion means a lot to us & we welcome any suggestions that you may have to better our care of your child!
Love from the koalas team.