Joeys Room Newsletter

Just a reminder to families to label all bottles, dummies and clothing so we know who they belong to and things can be returned to the rightful owner.

If you are ever missing anything please first look in our basket that is on the sign in bench, but also feel free to ask any staff member in the centre as during family grouping time things can be left behind.

Firstly we would like to give huge congratulations to our room leader Lee for getting married in the second weekend of April, wishing her all the best on her honeymoon and her happy future! While Lee will be away Sally will be in the room along with Kayla.

Don’t forget you are more than welcome to bring bulk nappies, each child had their own locker and we have plenty of storage space. Just one less thing to remember in the morning rush!

For Easter we have been doing some amazing art work for our loved ones to take home! You will have to wait and see what master pieces we have in store.

As the weather is getting cooler we still love to head outside for a play. We recommend bringing a change of clothes just in case we get a little wet outside, we also never know what the weather can be like so don’t forget hats, beanies, socks and shoes!


As the weather gets cooler everyone starts to get a little sick, runny noses and sore throats. Please be mindful of others when you bring your children in if they are sick.