JELCSS Kinder Newsletter

This month we have been exploring ‘Sun Loong’ as we head into Easter and our excursion to the Dragon Museum on Monday. There has been lots of art and craft and role play with this theme. We have been discussing lots of different areas throughout this topic such as how long is the dragon, when he comes out, how we wake him up and watching various clips on YouTube.

Thank you to everyone who got behind this local ‘hero’ and his desire to provide a local autism resource centre. I am sure that most of you are either directly or indirectly experiencing autism and understand what a valuable community resource this would be. The three centres raised $150 and JELC matched this, so I was very excited for us to be able to contribute $300.

Thank you to everyone who has supported this program so far. I know that your child and his/her peers are really appreciating it and experiencing a lot of pride and excitement. I’ve attached the roster for you. Please keep in mind that it doesn’t have to be done by Mum and Dad, extended family members or special friends are also more than welcome!


Over past weeks the children have been discussing what makes a hero and a villain and nominated who their hero was. To acknowledge this, we have a special afternoon tea. We felt very privileged to meet some of our kinder children’s heroes, and felt warmed by the fact that there are so many special people in their lives. Thank you to all that attended.


As we learnt from Mitch, you don’t need a cape, fancy jocks or super powers to be a hero. The kinder children are beginning to understand what makes a hero such as being nice, helping others, making good choices etc. This week we decided to introduce ‘Hero’ Awards. These will be given out to children who we see doing heroic things.


This month we awarded Jesse for packing up construction boards even though he didn’t play with them; Xavier.M for picking up paper from the floor without being asked and Maeve for completing the jig saw puzzles that somebody else had left unfinished.