Special Room July News | Jenny’s ELC Strathfieldsaye

Special Room July News | Jenny’s ELC Strathfieldsaye

We have been up to so much within each of our rooms at Strathfieldsaye. Learn more about we have been doing below!

Joeys Room

This month has been a very busy month having welcomed more new children starting with us in the Joey’s room and they have all settled in extremely well and content to be exploring their new surroundings. Over the month all of the Joey’s children have been involved in an array of activities which have included:

Last week the Emu’s room invited the Joey’s to come up and be involved in the wildlife incursion which was well received by all who went, the children were able to view different wildlife which included wallaby, small kangaroo, lizards and even a wombat. Some of our children were a little hesitant to start off with and were happy just to be watching on instead of patting and touching them but as time went on and they saw others around them doing it they became more comfortable and were quite intrigued with all the wildlife. It was fantastic to see the children so open to want to participate in these types of activities and being able to provide them with more opportunities to further develop their interests.

Also last week the children celebrated Naidoc week and were able to create some wonderful masterpieces, they used different natural materials such as grass, wooden sticks, leaves and a couple of small twig branches to paint on some paper.  This was a great activity for children to investigate and explore different ways of using natural materials to paint with and also the patterns made with each one on their paper, the children spent quite some time at this activity and were happy to be involved. As well as our paintings we were able to offer the children to try and taste some kangaroo sausages, all of the children had a try and seemed to enjoy eating them. Some of the children ate more when dunking them into a bit of sauce, they also kept handing the bowls to us for more sausages.


This month we have been very busy transitioning children up into the Koalas room. With the children now moved up, we will be having a lot of quieter days and we might see some new faces from the Joeys room starting to transition in the coming weeks.

This month we have been focusing on extending on the children’s interest of animals. We have been very lucky and have had an array of opportunities to explore this interest. We have had Carly’s bunnies come in for a quick visit, Abby the yabby has been staying with us for a couple of weeks as well as a very special visit from Andrew who brought in guinea pigs, a lamb and a sheep.

Due to the colder weather we have started to incorporate more group times in before lunch. The children are given the opportunity to sit down with an educator and read one of our big books and sing some songs. The children have all seemed to love this as they are all sitting down engaging with the educators and friends.

We have been doing lots of spontaneous sensory exploration this month. We have made cloud dough and play dough and have also explored bubble wrap. The children are loving being able to get their hands dirty in the cloud dough and play dough.


In June we have had a busy month with raising awareness for Red Nose Day. The children were involved in cooking experience of Jam drop biscuits and also being provided with their own photo and placing a red dot onto their nose.

We also were able to wear our Onesies to raise awareness for cerebral palsy which the children really enjoyed seeing each other and the educators wearing different onesies.

We have celebrated Lacy and Oscars birthdays this month.

The children have been also improving on their gross motor and hand and eye coordination skills of using a cup at lunch times and we have had only a few spills here and there. We have also been getting artistic this month with leaf, train and bubble wrap paintings. The children have also been learning about different colours and we have been promoting this by using flash cards at group times.  We have then extended this learning by providing matching games for the children to engage in and match of the different colours and pictures together.

This month the children have also been having many conversations about their pets at home, which we would like to thank all the families who have sent us in photos of their pets for us to display in the room and in addition to this Rydah showed us his pet rabbits and everyone had the opportunity to have a pat of them. The children also loved the visit from Jamie’s mobile zoo with a wonderful variety of Australian Native Animals.


This month we have happily welcomed Emma back from her month long holiday in Kenya. We have enjoyed hearing a number of her holiday stories and seeing photos from her holiday.

We also farewelled Jess who has commenced her maternity leave. We wish her and her partner all the happiness for the birth of her new baby.

This month we have started our fun languages program which we have been learning about the French culture and a number of French words and sentences. The children had the opportunity to meet Jacques friend Hugo who is a French snail.

The children have enjoyed sharing a number of photos from home with their peers using the interactive whiteboard. The children have been able to communicate with their peers about  where they have been and what they have done on their holidays. Please feel free to bring photos of family holidays in the room (on USB) for the children to talk about.

This month in the Pre-Kinder room one of the children shared his experience of going to the Dentist that morning with his peers and the educator at lunch group time. The child explained to his peers what the dentist does and how he reminded him to keep his teeth clean. The educator also discussed with the children how they should brush their teeth and how many times a day they need to brush. At the end of the day the children chose a new toothbrush and a tube of toothpaste that they could take home to practice brushing their teeth.


Vet Area– during the month of June the kindergarten children took to a vote what they would like our dramatic play area to turn into. During this experience we asked for the children to bring in a special soft animal from home to make their animal feel better. We also asked for pretend medical equipment for the children to use on their toys.

Tye dying– On Wednesday 29th of June we had Megan Howes one of the kindergarten mum’s come in and show off her talents in craft. The children brought in a white T-shirt from their home and had the chance to tye dye them, the colours we used were Yellow, Purple, Red, Green and Blue the children loved this experience and they were very excited to see the different patterns that it left in their T-shirts. We would like to thank Megan very much for coming in and showing the children some different art skills.

Wally the Wombat Facts- During the month we have been focusing on wombat facts here are some facts the children have brought back to us.

There are 3 different types of wombats: Common Wombats, Northern Hairy Nose Wombats and Southern Hairy Nose Wombats

In Chloe’s opinion the cutest type of wombats is the Common Wombats

Some wombat’s burrows can be as long as 30 meters, which is about 26 kinder children laying down. Some wombat’s burrows are only 3 meters long. – Chloe

Wombats weigh between 22 and 39 kgs. They live up to 15 years in the wild. The oldest wombat in captivity was 34 years old. – Ava

Babies live in their mother’s pouch for six months. –Mollie

Wombat’s joey will remain in the pouch for 6-8 months and will be fully grown at 2 years. –Milla

Making Gruffalo Crumble & Owl Ice Cream.

We love baking in the kindergarten room, this month we had the chance to read some of the Gruffalo books the children thought it would be a wonderful idea to make our own Gruffalo crumble and Owl ice cream.



  • 1 cup plain flour.
  • ½ cup of brown sugar.
  • 100g chilled butter.
  • ½ cup rolled oats.


  • Peaches and apricots