Recipe of the Month – October



Chicken and sweet potato casserole


8kg chicken breast diced

6tbs mixed herbs

2tbs garlic cloves, crushed

5 tablespoons Seeded mustard

8 sweet potatoes

2 bunches spring onion

8 large potatoes

5 Zucchinis

5 carrots

1 kg mixed veg

5 cups chicken stock

6 tubs Natural yoghurt

2L milk

5 caramelised onions ( slice onions fry with a little brown sugar)

2 tbs brown sugar

4kg pasta (brown or white)


Brown chicken with garlic and seeded mustard. Boil all the vegies besides the onions. Puree vegies so they are smooth but not liquidy. Boil pasta as per directions on packet. Place sliced/diced onions into frying pan fry off add the brown sugar to caramalise.


Divide milk, yoghurt and stock evenly between serving trays. Place everything into the serving trays and place into oven until rooms are ready.