Parent Tips – Preparing your child to begin school.

Starting school is both an exciting and daunting process for both children and their parents. As it is nearing the end of 2014, we have many children who are set to head off to school in just a few months.

There are lots of way you can help to prepare your child to begin school, such as encouraging them to be responsible for their belongings, dress them selves, tie their own shoe laces and even unwrap their own food. Visit the links below for more detailed ideas on how to ensure your child is prepared to begin school.


DEECD – Preparing for School.


Care For Kids


Transition to School


We encourage you to approach our lovely Kinder teacher (Sarah – Maiden Gully, Michelle – Epsom, Alix – Strathfieldsaye) if you have any concerns, or are after any further advice on how to best prepare your child for school.