Tigers Room News – October

Hello from the Tigers room! We have been very busy in the Tigers room with a couple of changes to staff. Alix is currently helping out at the Strath Centre and we have welcomed Paul to the Tigers room for a few weeks. Paul will be studying his certificate three and will be transferring over to the new Hospital centre once it opens. If you have any questions about this feel free to speak to Romy or myself.


We have been very lucky over the past month with lots of our friends bringing in their pets to show us. First, Katana brought in her pet lamb who we were able to feed using a bottle of milk. Our friends all commented on how soft the lamb’s wool was. We had Zahli’s pet rabbit Robbie come in. The children seemed very excited to see the rabbit hopping around on the mat. Zahli was able to tell us that carrots and lettuce are a ‘sometimes’ food for Robbie. Next we had our friend Denzel bring in his little baby chickens. There were 14 of them and they varied in colour. When the children sat quietly we were able to hear their tiny little chirps. Just this week we had Louis bring in his pet turtle Crush. He felt a bit different than our other pet friends with the children making remarks that he was slimy, wet and hard. Lastly we had two little kittens come in that also felt soft and fluffy. The children all listened well to the parents and teachers and asked lots of questions about what the different animals eat and need to stay healthy. We all loved being able to hold and pat the animals and were very careful not to be too rough with them. If you and your family have any different pets you would like to share with us then please speak to Romy or myself and we could arrange for a time to bring them in.

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Another popular experience over the past few weeks has been the dolls area. We have had some lovely donations from families of prams, cots, bottles and dolls which we are very grateful for. A few families have recently welcomed in some new additions to their families which has sparked the interest. We take great care of our dolls and feed them their bottles, rock them to sleep and take them for strolls in the pram.


We would like to start making our Christmas gifts in the next couple of weeks as Christmas is fast approaching. If you have any suggestions of what to make we would love to hear them.

We’re looking forward to our last few months together before we move on up to the Lions room.

Love the Tigers staff.