Special Room News – Maiden Gully

Special Room News – Maiden Gully

Caterpillars Room:

Our Caterpillars children are all growing so much and learning new things every week! It is so exciting to watch as they learn to crawl, walk and say new words. We all feel so lucky to be a part of this special time.

We have been focusing on lots of indoor/outdoor play at the moment, leaving the doors open and letting the children decide where they want to play. This is to allow the children to explore the environment freely, and help develop their ability to make decisions.

During routines, the children have been practicing lots of new self help skills and are now becoming very independent. We are working on hand washing, scraping our own bowls, and finding our own hats at the moment.

We have also been enjoying lots of group times, with the children showing special interest in books, and just love being read to.

Caterpillars photo

Butterflies Room:

Our Butterflies have been very busy with their learning in the past month and are all getting so clever!

The Butterflies have been working on learning the different letter sounds during group times, with the children repeating the sounds after the educators.

Colour recognition has been another focus point, with the children being encouraged to recognise different colours, pointing to the correct colours when asked by educators. We have also been singing lots of counting songs to work on our counting.

The children are showing lots of interest in animals at the moment, and are getting very clever at naming the correct animals when the educators ask them. They have been using the large plastic animals to role-play, and are getting really good at different animal sounds.

Butterflies Room

Bumblebees Room:

The Bumblebees Room have been working on their self help skills, especially putting on their own sunscreen and their own shoes, as well as taking care of their own belongings. In the coming weeks the children will also be encouraged to help out during transition times such as helping to set the table. This will help to continue to develop the children’s independence, and also encourage them to take responsibility within their room.

During group times, we have been working on the different letters of the alphabet and embedding these into our every day learning experiences.

We have been working closely with the Grasshoppers room, in terms of our routine, ensuring the children are working towards the skills that will help them to be successful when they do move on to the Grasshopper Room.

Bumblebees photo

Grasshopper Room:

We have had a very busy and exciting start to the year, with 2 excursions already and a third currently being planned. Our aim for the year is one excursion each month, on rotating days to ensure all children have an equal opportunity to attend these.

Our first 2 excursions (to the Splash Park, and then The Goldmine) were both very successful, and the children enjoyed them thoroughly. These excursions play an important role developing the children’s confidence in a new environment. Confidence is a very important area of development in our Grasshoppers room, and is a key area we work on to help prepare the children for school. Working with the children to develop the confidence to talk in small and large group settings, approach other children and educators, and be comfortable both in the kinder environment and new environments, is something that we are currently working with the children on.

We have been really enjoying our focus letter of week, and are embedding this into the daily program – in the stories we read, songs we sing, craft experiences, games, our excursion and lots more. We have been doing various craft experiences that require fine motor skills to help really develop the coordination and strength needed in our hands for pre-writing and writing experiences.