Kinder Room News, April 2015 (Maiden Gully)

What a busy term one it has been in the Grasshopper room for 2015. With so many activities taking place this term we have had lots of opportunities for education and fun, across all areas of learning, some of which include:


Book of the week:

Over the course of a week the Grasshopper room engages in a new letter to focus on, drawing from a range of learning experiences to allow for every child no matter how they learn to participate. During each week we include a new book of the week with a high emphasis on the letter we are discussing followed by some arts and crafts activities to fully embed this concept getting the children to discuss and draw on ideas and understandings from the book and the focus letter. If you are wanting to know the book of the week please don’t hesitate to speak to staff.



We have been lucky enough this term to have several incursions within our room, all of which have covered a different topic and engaged the children’s interests in lots of ways. We have had our Responsible Pet Program visit allowing the children to enhance their knowledge of how to behave safely around unfamiliar dogs, followed by LM Dance who showed us some new dance moves and strengthening our gross motor control. Some of our children were also lucky enough to participate in an excursion to Inflatable world and Cooinda Park, incorporating a range of skills such as road safety, social skills and allowing children to branch out and break through their comfort zone and be a part of something exciting. There will more opportunities for incursions and excursion in every term, so hopefully by the end of the year all children have participated in one of these exciting experiences.

GH Pet programGH LM Dance

Weekly incursions:

We are lucky enough in the Grasshopper room to now include a weekly visit from both Kelly Sports and Quirky Tales. Kelly Sport focuses on enhancing children’s hand eye coordination and gross motor skills through a range of movement activities. This term we have had a big focus on ball skills learning the correct technique for throwing and also soccer skills. Kelly sport will change from a Wednesday to a Thursday

GH Kelly sport

Quirky Tales is run by Narelle a very enthusiastic and inspiring person who draws in the children’s attention about any topic and creates a sense of belonging as she engages them in a range of songs, dances, rhymes and language activities. Quirky Tales will be changing from a Tuesday to a Wednesday in term 2.

If you have any questions regarding either of these experiences please feel free to speak to staff.


House Keeping:

– We have been lucky enough to welcome Shelly to our room as our third staff member for the remainder of the year, Shelly is certificate III trained and is currently studying her Diploma qualification, if you do not already know Shelly please feel free to approach her, as she gets to know all the new faces.

– Sharna is on leave from the 9th of April – the 28th of April as she heads off on a Thailand adventure, we will definitely miss her over this time but I’m sure she will have lots of photos and stories to bring back to us.

– If any Kinder parents have not returned their bush kinder form can they please do so ASAP as we would like to get this up and running across term 2.

– If you would like to bring a drink bottle for your child we have a table set up in the room to allow or daily access.

– We have a lost property stand in the room located next to the drinks table with lots of jumpers if you could please check here if you are missing any clothing.

– We have royal blue Kinder 2015 shirts available for purchase if anyone is wishing to buy one they are $16 and is not reserved only for the funded Kinder children.

GH inflatable world

If you have any ideas/suggestions or questions please feel free to speak to any of the Grasshopper staff


Sarah, Sharna and Shelly