Grasshoppers Room News – July 2014

Grasshoppers Room news

Another month gone already, how times flies when you’re having fun!


Special Days

We have enjoyed our fair share of special days so far we have had a visit from some of the emergency services professionals as we learnt a little bit about what these local heroes do. In order to support these services we have been holding a bake sale and artwork sale to raise money, the children worked incredibly hard on their artworks, choosing something special to them to paint for their parents to purchase and treasure for years to come.


We also had NAIDOC week this month where the children explored a culture different to their own, through music and movement, arts and crafts and stories. We explored the traditional items used by the Indigenous community such as boomerangs, and listening and acting out some of the Dreamtime stories including Tiddilick the Frog, which proved to be a popular choice with the children as they role played the animals and scenarios in the story for their peers.



This month has seen lots of camping experiences taking place in the Grasshopper room, with the children building pretend fires out of sticks and rocks to try and keep us warm during these winter days. Setting up camping circles with lumps of wood and singing campfire songs the children explored their knowledge of how camping and campfires work. We have practiced rubbing sticks together to light our fire, before setting up our own campfire experience and toasting marshmallows on sticks. We spoke with the children about fire safety as we enjoyed this experience extending on the children’s interests and understandings.



The children in the kinder program have been given the opportunity to go for some bush walks over the cooler winter days. The children are able to explore their surroundings while respecting the environment and learning to care for nature. The bush explorers program teaches children about not only the importance of environmental care but to also practice road safety and caring for others. The children have been exploring many different activities during the bush program from building cubby houses, making fires, and throwing a Frisbee to arts and crafts.


Letter of the Week

With the letter of the week getting closer to the end a few of the Grasshopper children have been asking what we are going to do next. A few suggestions from the children have been counting numbers, colours and sports. For the remainder of the year we will be touching base everyday recapping the letters seeing what the children can recall about all of the letters while expanding their knowledge in other areas as well.


General news

As the weather cools down please ensure you are packing weather appropriate clothing for your child e.g. jackets, coats, beanies, gloves, gumboots etc

If your child is attending school next year there is a note on the parent wall in the Grasshopper room which if you feel comfortable putting the school which your child is attending, so that we can start the conversations with the children specific to their school to help make the transition for them nice and smooth.

If you have any questions or queries please feel free to approach any of the staff.