Caterpillars Room News – June 2014

We have hit our half mark for the year and what a fabulous 6 months it has been in the Caterpillars Room. We have had so many fantastic developmental stages that have happened in the room from children talking, rolling, crawling and then WALKING. We have all thoroughly enjoyed helping support all families in areas we have.

We have made a new communication sheet for our families in the children’s communication books called Parent Daily Information. We have had some fabulous feedback from some parents about the new form and the amount of information on it. If there is anything you would like us to add to the form or extend more on please don’t hesitate to ask as we are here to meet yours but your children’s needs as well.

As the weather has dropped down to very cold, we do encourage parents to please bring warmer clothes for your children if you wish for them to engage in indoor and outdoor play as it’s still provided. If you do not wish for your child to have outside play please don’t hesitate to let staff know and we will follow your request.

As the children have been very engaged with their bags and each other’s bag lately, we ask that parents please make sure everything is named in their children’s bag so we can put everything back straight away for you instead of into the lost property box then you have to go searching through it or for it.

All of the children’s portfolios are coming along nicely and the children have enjoyed looking through them with the staff in the room. Please feel free if you would like to look through your children’s portfolio you are more than welcome to. They are all in the room on the wooded shelf off to the right when you walk in the room.

We have got some children that have become engaged with the toilet lately, any parents that would like us to follow through with trying to sit on the toilet let us know we would be happy to try at nappy change times.

We have got three special events this month, Monday 16th to Friday 20th is Australian Childcare Week were we are all dressing up in the theme of “What would you like to be when you grow up” and second event is on Thursday 26th to help support Edward and his family we are holding a dress up day theme is “Your Favourite Costume”, we have a donation tin located at the office and all donations will be greatly received and forwarded on to Edwards Journey. Our last event for the month is on Friday 27th for Red Nose Day, bring your red noses along and dress in the colour red for a fun filled day and a donation tin will be located in the office and all donations will go towards supporting this great cause.

Thank you for an amazing 6 months already and look forward to the next 6 months, Love Lauren, Jacqui, Melissa and Karmel