Caterpillar Room News, April 2015 (Maiden Gully)

We have had a wonderful start to the year, lots of things that have happened and there are plenty of exciting things ahead. It’s has been great to see staff and children settling in well, working together to create a great atmosphere and to create a great team work environment. There are lots of new resources in the room that all of the children have thoroughly enjoyed.

We have also enjoyed meeting many of our new families and children, having them come in for transition days. It’s great to see new faces and watch each and every individual child grow. The children have also been achieving milestones whether it is from sitting upright, to crawling on all fours, to walking; it is so good to be a part of the children’s environment and assisting them to achieve a huge milestone.

The children have also loved the new yards, that where finished in February. We’ve been making the most of the beautiful sunny days by taking the children outside to sit and look around and explore the yards. The children enjoy interacting and creating their own play space, in the sandpit and the cubby house.


Over the past four weeks Brittany T joined our wonderful Caterpillar Room to complete her Diploma in Children’s Service. Brittany has been a great asset to the Caterpillar Room in all areas, whether that be knowing all children’s routines and getting to know the parents or just another great educator for the children to have fun with. Brittany loved her time in the Caterpillar room so much she is going to stay for another two weeks while Chloe is helping Jaylea and the team out at Jenny’s ELC Bendigo hospital. Brittany would like to thank all the children and their families for an amazing past four weeks and allowing her to spend another two weeks with them.


To help other families and the educators in the room to get to know the children and their family members we have started a family tree in the room which will display information about each individual child such as, how many people are living in their home, if there are any pets, where they live, the child’s favourite colour, their favourite food and toy. A picture will be attached to this family tree for everyone to see and enjoy. The staff in the room have been handing out the forms for the families to fill out and bring back, if you would like to participate in the family tree but haven’t yet received a form, please ask one of the girls in the room and they will happily give you a family tree to fill out!


As we move on into autumn and winter and the weather is becomes colder, we ask that you please pack clothes appropriate for this time. We also ask that all items that you pack for your child are clearly named. This includes bottles, dummies, socks, hats etc. Also a reminder to please pack at least three set of changes of clothes for child and at least 6 named nappies.


We have an exciting month ahead with Easter coming up, in the Caterpillar room we will be participating in lots of different Easter arts and crafts including things for us to take home and things to put in our portfolios that we take home in June. We will also be doing some ANZAC day arts and craft to celebrate the day.

Caterpillar photo 3


Thank you all so much for a fantastic start to the year, we look forward to everything we have planned for April!