Butterfly Room News – June 2014

During the last month we have been busy celebrating special occasions, including fluro day, which was on the 27th May. Most children and educators came dressed in fluro colours. Butterfly children enjoyed discussing and learning about fluro colours while participating in an art and craft fluro pasting. Great job at brightening up jenny’s ELC. We are also celebrating Australian childcare week which is from the 16th of June till the 20th of June. The children and educators helped celebrate this by dressing up in ‘what would you like to be when you grow up?’ it was really good to see so much effort put in to help gain an understanding of this special event. This is helping develop their community skills as they are beginning to develop a sense of belonging.

Over the last few weeks the Butterfly children have been busy decorating the butterflies’ room walls with pieces of each Childs beautiful artwork. These included, balloon paintings, finger paintings, feather painting etc. We have also spent a lot of time personally painting our portfolios, which contains bits and pieces of work throughout your Childs year. These portfolios will be a keepsake once the year has come to an end. When dropping off and picking up, take a minute to have a look at all the colourful masterpieces we have displayed all around the room and feel free to have a look at your Childs personal portfolios that will be accessible at all times.

Butterfly children and caterpillar children have been very busy working together and learning about teamwork. As a large group all children helped educators get our fruit and veggie patch up and healthy again, so we planted seeds that form into radish, silver beat, cabbage, and carrots. It’s very exciting watching each seed sprout. We are looking forward to the vegetables to grow so we can taste them in Sharna’s cooking. Each individual child is resourcing their own learning as they are exploring the natural built up environments.

We have also been very busy paining and pasting different objects and pictures to be displayed in the bathroom. The butterflies room and caterpillar room are working together to make a solar system theme on the roof of the bathroom. So far the caterpillar room have done a great job pasting glitter onto stars and the butterflies room has colourfully began to paint the solar system and rockets. Great teamwork.

Each month the butterfly children choose a favourite song to sing and learn throughout the month. This month the children choose ‘wheels on the bus’ the butterfly children are doing so well at remembering the words and actions to the songs. This is helping extend on their communication skills as they practice the song using verbal words and are capable of making meaning from singing along to it .Please take a copy of our song home with you so it can be practiced at home as well as day-care.

From All Butterflies Staff – Caitlin, Chantelle, Paige and Brittany B