Butterflies Room News – July 2014

This month in the butterfly room we have enjoyed celebrating our special events. We started off we NAIDOC week from the 7th -11th where we discussed and learnt a range of different cultural experiences and traditions. Our butterfly children participated in art experiences which focused on the colours of the NAIDOC culture.


On the 17th all educators and children enjoyed participating in pyjama day at the centre. We all come dressed up in our most comfy Pyjamas to show off to all our peers. We also had the opportunity to choose from the movie ‘frozen’ or ‘Lego movie’ to watch while eating popcorn. It was a lovely afternoon with all 4 play rooms combined.


From 21st till the 25th we are celebrating community heroes week by coming dressed up in colours to represent our heroes in our community. On Monday we came dressed up in blue to represent the police force, on Tuesday we came dressed up in white to represent the paramedics, on Wednesday we came dressed up in red to represent the fire fighters, on Thursday we came dressed up in orange to represent the SES and lucky last on Friday we came dressed up in rainbow colours to celebrate all heroes that keep us safe, happy and healthy. We have also had special visitors coming to visit the centre in a police car and an ambulance for the children to have a look at talk to some community workers and hear the sirens and look at the flashing lights whilst being educated about their jobs in helping our community.


As well as community hero’s week, from the 21st till the 25th we are holding a bake and art sale. All children had the opportunity in painting a special personalised piece of art work onto a canvas for a parent or caregiver to buy and place on the wall at home. We have also been working in our community development as we all participate to make rum balls to be sold in the bake sale. We hope use all had the opportunity to look at all our lovely artwork that was placed up in the hallway and had the opportunity to taste our lovely baking.



Educators in the butterfly room have been working together to handout family tree forms for the parents and families to fill out and place a family photo to bring back to the centre for us to laminate and display around the room for the children to recognise and interact with peers whilst looking and talking about their families.



Educators and children have been busy making space theme objects for the bathroom. We have placed a black net and some blow up planets in the bathroom with the children’s art work to create our space theme. Feel free to stop and have a look at all the children and educators hard work displayed in the bathroom. This theme is to create a more inviting environment for children to feel safe secure and supported in whilst changing their nappies, going to the toilet and washing their hands.


The butterfly children and educators have welcomed a new member to the team Megan who is in our room on a Monday, Tuesday and Thursday to give us an extra pair of hands and assistance with our special needs child. Feel free to introduce yourselves or ask her any questions at any time.


Our busy butterflies have been busy creating lots of different pieces of artwork throughout the weeks. All of the artwork is displayed around the room over the monthly period then it is placed into the children’s portfolio or into our basket located on top of the lockers to take home. Feel free to look around the room at your children’s hard work, through their portfolios which are located on the opposite side of the sign in bench or throughout the basket of take home items at any stage.


Just a friendly reminder to all parents and families that whilst the weather is still quite chilly we need to pack jumpers, warm jackets and beanies for the children to participate in outdoor play.


If there are any parents or families who are ever unsure of upcoming events or special days feel free to ask educators at any time. It is also located on our parent information wall near the door on the right hand side this is updated every month for everyone to look at and keep up to date. 🙂


Just a quick notice for all parents and families throughout the butterfly room and the centre educator Caitlin will be leaving Jenny’s early learning centre to begin her maternity leave for when her first baby arrives on the 29th of August. I will miss each and every one of you children and families, I will make sure to visit on regular occasions and sure I’ll be back in no time.:)


Love from Caitlin, Paige, Chantelle Brittany B and Megan.