Bumblebees Room News – July 2014

We have been very busy this month celebrating some very special occasions, including Red Nose Day, NAIDOC week and Heroes week.


To wrap up the end of June the Bumblebee’s celebrated Red Nose Day. We were all very busy doing lots of red themed activities and learning about the importance of Red Nose Day.

In the room we have had a lot of creative children over at the art tables where there was red painting, red glue and glitter and red play dough. It was wonderful to sit at the tables and watch how the children just let their creative side out and made some lovely pieces of red art.


During NAIDOC week we celebrated the Indigenous and Torres Strait Islanders with an array of activities. Gumnut paintings were a big hit with the children; using gumnuts from the local area children were able to make some lovely creations. We spoke to the children and asked them what we could use instead of pencils, paint and brushes to create art. There were some fabulous ideas such as leaves, sticks, stones and even dirt. We had a special visit from Gertie (an Indigenous Lady) who spent some time with the children doing art and talking about how and why she paints the way she does – the children very much enjoyed this and many of them stood patiently to have some one on one time with her.


Hero’s week celebrated and commended the work that our emergency service men and women do every day. We put on a cake stall and an artwork sale, which was all produced by the children in the Bumblebee’s room – all of the proceeds will be donated to this great cause. On Wednesday, we had the Police come and visit the Bumblebee’s and Grasshoppers room, where the children had the opportunity to look at and even have a sit in a real police car. On Friday we were lucky enough to have an Ambulance officer and a CFA member come and visit.


During the month of July we have been reading our new book of the month “Dirty Bertie” during group times. The children absolutely love the quirkiness and cheeky humour of the story while also strongly engaging in it, with most children able to recite the entire story! (as no doubt some of you may have heard!) The book’s underlying themes of the importance of cleanliness and hygiene provides educators with a chance to convey and discuss with the children their importance. We have also been making some “dirty bertie gloop” for our book of the month related experience which the children have loved exploring and engaging with.


As you also may have noticed our community and belonging tree is up in the bumblebee room and looking great with lots of family pictures being brought in! This is a tree located in the sign in area which contains pictures of children’s and educators families. The children are thoroughly enjoying looking at these pictures of their friends and educators families, sparking lots of interesting and curious questions! This area helps children build connections between their learning environment and home, while also allowing them to get to know their friends and educators better. We are also in the process of designing a hope and dream wall which we are hoping to get some parent involvement in, the decorative wall will contain messages from parents for their children about a hope or dream they have for their child, with each parents message also being put in their child’s portfolio for them to look back on. Keep a lookout for some more information very soon!


Sincerely, The bumblebee team.