Special Room May News: Jenny’s Maiden Gully

Special Room May News: Jenny’s Maiden Gully

We’ve been really busy at Jenny’s Maiden Gully,to read about what has been going on in your child’s room select your room below:

Caterpillars Room:

The Caterpillars Room have had a fabulous month, with several new children joining us. It has been wonderful to meet these new children, and they have already settled in so well. We are currently also transitioning some of the older children into the Butterflies Room, with small groups of children spending short amounts of time in there to become familiar with the environment, educators and children.

Construction has been a big focus in our room over the past month, with various blocks available for the children to build with. Children are showing us how clever they are by stacking up to 7 or 8 wooden blocks on top of each other before knocking them to the ground. We have continued this interest into the outdoor environment, providing the children with the opportunity to continue their block building outdoors with some larger blocks, as well as some waffle connectors.

Earlier in the month, Chloe attended a professional development session about Gardening in Education settings, and we have since removed the edges of our garden bed, making it available for the children to touch, feel and explore. This month we picked our celery we had grown, and took it to Kristi in the kitchen to put in our lunch! We are now looking forward to planning some new exciting plants in the garden bed we can explore.

Our independence in the Caterpillars Room has come a long way over the past month, with the children loving to be involved with packing up for meal times, wiping their own faces, washing their own hands, and many of our children are beginning to transition from sleeping on a cot to a bed! We are all growing up so quickly.

Caterpillars 2 June Caterpillars 3 June Caterpillars June

Butterflies Room:

Despite the cooler weather this past month – the Butterflies have been loving the outdoors! Ball play with our new balls has been a big hit, with the children loving to throw the ball to friends, or to throw it as far as they can and then run and chase it, usually racing against their peers to get to it first!

Have you seen our new scarecrows on the outside of our room door? We had lots of fun painting these scarecrows to create our new Autumn themed display.

We have had some of our lovely parents come in this past month, and play with us in the room which we have absolutely loved. We love to have our families in to read with us, create with us, sing with us – or even just to come and watch what we get up to here. We would love more visitors so if you would like to come in and play with us, please just let us know!

Our Book of The Month for May was ‘Go away Big Green Monster’. We loved reading this book, and completing experiences related to the story! We made some really scary monsters that are hanging on the wall.

Bumblebees June Butterflies 2 June Buttlerflies June

Bumblebee Room:

Wow what a busy month we have had! We are so happy to have Sharna back – we have all missed her very much over the past weeks whilst she has been helping out at our Strath centre. We have really been enjoying our sessions with Narelle from Quirky Tales and Tina from Hey De Ho this month. The children have been really engaged during these sessions and majority of the children are excited to participate!

The Hey-de-ho Yoga sessions are a favourite amongst many children, and they work really hard to move their body into the different positions as they are shown in the picture. We have been doing all different types of artwork this month – with the children often selecting what type of craft they would like to do, and the materials they would like to use.

This encourages the children’s decision making, and develops a sense of belonging as they are encouraged to be involved in the planning process. Our self help skills are improving every day, especially in regards to toileting, and hand washing. The children are enjoying helping to pack up and set up for meal times, and to prepare for different craft activities. We are working very hard on caring for our belongings, and are getting good at ensuring we are putting our personal belongings back in our bags such as our jumpers when we take them off.

Bumblebees 2 June

Grasshopper Room:

Another month gone by means another excursion. A big Thank You to the parent helpers – without you all these excursions would not be able to go ahead. The first stop on our excursion was the Bendigo Pottery where the children had a potters demonstration with him showing them how a vase was made on the spinning wheel, making it taller and taller and shaping it quite nicely, before showing the children how they could mould the clay just using their hands as Rob the potter showed them how to make a turtle.

After this, the children moved off to create their own masterpieces with their own special tub of clay (which they got to keep). We stayed at clay play for about 45minutes before returning to the bus and heading to the Botanical Gardens to have a picnic and a play in the park. While having our picnic we celebrated Jack’s 5th birthday bringing out a cake and singing him happy birthday before sharing some cake and going off to have a play. We had children climbing the big tree, swinging on the swings, playing chasey and much much more.

We are working on our letter of week each week – and we cannot believe how quickly the children are learning. It is wonderful to see the various ways children are sharing the information they learn – some inside during pre-writing activities, others during craft activities and some outside in the sandpit!

During quirky tails in Allergy Awareness Week we furthered our understanding on ‘Allergies’. Each child had the opportunity to join in with learning about different foods that may cause allergies and the importance of ensuring anyone with an allergy stays away from triggers that may cause it. We explored allergies through many stories, songs and dances all relating to allergy awareness. Each child showed great understanding of the AUSLAN signs as the copied each sign for each food that was discussed.

Grasshoppers 3 June Grasshoppers 2 JuneGrasshoppers June