Keeping up with Jenny’s Maiden Gully!

Keeping up with Jenny’s Maiden Gully!

We have been busy and adventurous at Jenny’s Maiden Gully!

Jenny’s Maiden Gully | Caterpillars Room

What a busy and exciting month we have had! Book week was lots of fun with many of our little Caterpillars coming in wearing costumes and bringing their favourite books from home and many of the staff dressed up too. It is great to see families participating and helping their children to dress up. To help celebrate Book Week even more and help the children to understand why it is so special, we had some fun as a group, reading our book of the month among others. We also had Narelle come in and read stories to us during Book Week as well!

August also saw Science week where we made a big cardboard robot that you will see by our door with our fantastic robot pastings, and we also explored other aspects of science such as baking cupcakes on cupcake day, making playdough, and exploring ice.

We really enjoyed celebrating the Olympics in the Caterpillars Room – and we even held our own Mini Olympics Games. Ash brought in her Jacket from the World Dwarf Games where she competed and we got to try it on!

Butterflies Room

This month we loved celebrating Book Week in the Butterflies Room. We had lots of children and staff dress up as their favourite characters and we also did lots of reading, as well as some art experiences related directly to the books we love – such as this Very Hungry Caterpillar Artwork using recycled donated coffee cup lids.

This month we have moved the indoor vertical garden to outside to be able to plant the plants in. The vertical garden is outside on the side of the cubby house now where it can get lots of sunlight. The children help Simone plant the plants in the containers, shovelling the dirt to the inside and placing the plant in and around the dirt. The children also helped collect the coloured rocks to go into the containers with the plants. Over the coming weeks and throughout the year the children will have the opportunity to help care for the garden and watch the plants grow. Science Week saw us exploring robots, and other science experiences such as making a rainbow with skittles, and baking!

Grasshopper Room

It’s been a busy month in the Grasshopper room during August!

During Science we explored the concept of robots by making our own using a sewing machine with Shelly to join our robot from calico, each day adding a new body part before finally getting to decorate him at the end of the week.  To fill our robot we looked at how a paper shredder has made our lives easier instead of cutting up lots of paper to put inside our robot.  All of the children had a chance to shred some paper before placing handfuls inside the robot to make it fully 3D.

As well as the robot during Science week we also had several experiments over different days exposing the children to different chemical reactions and how things work.  We looked at film canister rockets, sand volcanos, popping lunch bags, colourful lava lamps and much much more that got the children excited about science and how we can have fun with everyday items.

This month we are very proud and excited to say that we have begun our community excursions around Maiden Gully. We have been on lots of walks to the park in Marita drive, and the children are all very excited when it is their turn to go! We all walk together, talking about the different things we see along the way – such as roads signs, and once arriving the children spread out into different groups some who just wanted to explore the play equipment, while others take to the basketball court and oval playing group games of football and basketball.

After running around the courts we took off to the bush beside the play equipment to look at all the hidden treasures we could find – we found so many different things like worms, clay and flowers.  This is a great outing to show the children’s interests and development of ideas.

Bumblebees Room

What an exciting time we have had in the Bumblebee Room this month!

We had a great time exploring Science week in the Bumblebees Room. We especially enjoyed the float or sink experiment we did with educator Mel. We all sat in a large circle around a large tub of water and the children were asked to choose from a variety of objects out of the cane basket and to place them in the tub of water. We then all sat back and looked at what type of shapes and materials float or sink. We learnt that metal sinks but if it’s shaped flat like a pot lid it may float if placed on the water.

The children also experimented with plastic, Wood, rock and some special glass marbles. Kellie also did an exciting experiment with us at group time. Kellie told the children she was going to show them how to make an ocean in a bottle. Kellie had a small clear drink bottle that she filled with 1/3 full with water then a small amount of blue food colouring. She placed a funnel in the top of the bottle and filled the remaining 2/3 with cooking oil. Kellie then passed the bottle around to the children to take turns at tipping the bottle over to blend the mixture to see our ocean come to life. The way the waves roll cascade inside the bottle was just beautiful. The children watched fascinated as the big blobs of colour turns into tiny bubble like blobs the more the bottle was shaken. The children all enjoyed this shared learning experience.

This month the Bumblebees got to go on their first excursion!. We went on a big bus to Parkys Wonderland.  The children all walked out of the centre in 1 long straight line behind Jordan. All of the educators reminded the children that we need to walk on the crossing so that we are safe from the cars.

Once we all got onboard the bus the adults made sure that each child was buckled in and off we went! All of the children were so excited by the bus trip and couldn’t wait to see where we going. Once we arrived at Parkys all of the children got off the bus and walked in a long line to the door. The educators explained where to go and showed them where the drinks and toilets were. Then it was time to play!  There was climbing areas, ball pits, ball shooting, slides, a web and so much more!

When it was time to go the children all boarded the bus for the trip back. The ride back home was very quiet with some very tired and exhausted children.  When we got back to the centre we said a big thank you to our helpers and then sat down to eat some yummy lunch Kristi had prepared.  We are so proud of our Bumblebees and are so excited for our next excursion!