Grasshoppers Room News – October

Wow, how time flies it is hard to believe its October already! We have been incredible busy in the Grasshopper room, and it has been amazing to see how far the children have come each term 🙂


Student Teacher

We currently have a student Teacher Kylie with us for 4 weeks, from LaTrobe University studying a bachelor of Early Childhood. Kylie will be seeking some parent permission to observe, photograph and document the children as a part of her university studies, this will involve her lecturers only having access to the materials she is required to do, if you are happy for your child to be observed by Kylie there is a form that will sit next to the children’s sign in book in the Grasshopper room for you to sign and date. If you have any questions please feel free to approach Kylie or any of e staff and they will be more than happy to help you.


Living Eggs Hatching Program

With the children’s interests in animals growing over the last few months we brainstormed what we could get as a ‘centre pet’. With some very plausible suggestions, like chickens or a rabbit mixed in with some that we couldn’t really accommodate, such as a whale, a cow, or a crocodile, we discussed the animals and where they live, deciding which ones we really could have at Jenny’s. Finally deciding on baby chicks, we looked into the living eggs program and booked for them to set up in the grasshopper room on Monday the 20th of October. The children have been asking lots of questions over the last few weeks, like where the baby chicks will live?, what they eat?, if the mummy chicken will sit on the eggs?, all of which we have been exploring in the room, drawing pictures, looking at photos and group time discussions so that the children will begin to understand the process of the chickens hatching.

If you have any concerns or questions about this program please speak to any of the staff 🙂


Upcoming events

Quirky Tales is still on a Wednesday this term each fortnight, with the children excited to choose what Narelle will be talking, singing and dancing about each week

Graduation is coming up soon for the children enrolled in the kinder program at Jenny’s, he proposed date for this is Thursday 27th of November, invitations will sent out shortly so keep posted. 🙂

Lunch box days is coming up in the Grasshopper room, with it commencing on Monday the 28th of October and each day will be on a different week, so Tuesday is the following week and Wednesday the week after and so on.

Grasshoppers photo (1)



Please ensure you check when your child’s show and tell day is on the Grasshopper door, if your child is away for their day then the next time they are in they can bring something to share 🙂

For those families given a Transition report for school please continue to drop these in, return date is the 20th if October, if you have any questions please feel free to ask.

As the weather is warming up we need to be mindful of our sun smart policy and the type of hats that are appropriate to wear during the time at Jenny’s, these include a wide brimmed hat, a bucket hat or a legionnaires hat.