Butterflies Room News – October

On 29th of August Caitlin had her last day with us as we farewell her and wished her the best of luck with her pregnancy. Caitlin had her baby on the due date. She had a girl named Laylah Brooke, we are looking forward to seeing and meeting her little princess.

Simone has taken over Caitlin’s roll as room Leader, looking forward to meeting everyone and continuing to the end of the year with everyone.


On Friday the 5th of September we had our footy colours day, all children participate in this event painting their own jersey, also being able to create colours of their own mixing them together. We also had afternoon tea for our dad for Father’s Day the children got to enjoy party pies and sausage rolls. We also made honey joys for everyone to enjoy at afternoon tea. This got the children in a social aspect and involve in an event.


We also had national child protection week, this is to talk to the children about the awareness of the Public area. We created our own hand prints to resemble the children to put their hand up to stop and raise awareness towards child abuse and neglect.


Educator and the children celebrated loud shirt day on the 19th the children were encouraged to wear their loudest shirt bright and full of colour or lots of decoration. We also got to create our own t-shirts with the bright colours. Loud shirt day raise awareness about the support for children with speech and hearing problems.


On the 26th we had the footy day grand final, we came dressed in our favourite footy colours, the children were also involved in an activity where they could do a pasting of the footy finals both team that were in the finals Sydney vs hawthorn. They could make their own design on their jersey. Adding the coloured streamers of red, white and orange and brown for the grand final teams and place them to create their own footy jersey.


Just a friendly reminder with summer approaching and the warmer weather approaching children will need to get their hats out, if we could get all to bring their own hat with their name, will be able to enjoy the beautiful sunshine. Please also ensure shoulder covered T-shirts are provided to help protect your child’s skin.


We have national smiles day, this day represents children to smile to be happy and share the happiness around we used glitter and paint to paint balloon with smiles on the using the yellow as a bright colour.

Blue ribbon day was in support of the police offices that do such hard work to protect the public the children was able to show their support by painting a blue ribbon and decorating it with a range of blue shades.

Purple day is for LMK (Loddon Mallee Kids) is an organisation for the children that are born premature, and support the families with these types of children, through difficult times. We created our own art work using all purple colours, using cellophane, paper and glitter to and purple paint to create our own collage, which is displayed out the front.

butterflies photo

National bandanna day is on the 30th of October, donations for teen cancer can be made at the office on this day. We also have on the last day of the month Halloween, come dress in a scary outfit, the children will be able to participate in activities. Looking forward to the end of the month exciting events.

From all the butterflies staff

Simone, Chantelle, Paige, Brittany and Jess.