Bumblebee Room News – October

Hello all! another update here from the ever busy bumblebee room! With lots of special days having taken place during September and some more coming up in October staff have been working very hard to ensure that these days are extra special and filled with lots of engaging and fun experiences for the children! First, a quick recap over the past month.

September kicked off with the room busy making gifts for father’s day! Staff interviewed children about their Dad’s or special people and recorded the answers, which our families no doubt had a chuckle over with some of the colourful answers that came out! The children also thoroughly enjoyed making cookies and coasters to give to their Dads for father’s day. Come September 5th we then invited our Dads to come join us for either some afternoon or morning tea! Our cook Dean prepared some egg and bacon muffins in the morning for our Dad’s to enjoy before heading off to work, While in the afternoon the children enjoyed sausages in bread with their Dads for afternoon tea.

September has also seen the Bumblebee room gripped with finals fever as we have had both footy colours day and our grand final party! On both days children and staff have come dressed in their footy colours and enjoyed some very footy themed experiences. For our grand final party we decided to create a bumblebee banner for the children to run through during our footy clinic. In the week leading up to the grand final party all children painted on large A3 pieces of paper using a range of colours. On the morning of the party all pieces were then sticky taped together to create one very colourful banner! After working hard to create it you no doubt can imagine the children then had even more fun running through the banner and destroying it! Children then partook in a footy clinic which included handball targets, goal kicking and long kick.

Bumblebee photo1 (1)

Also a reminder as spring has sprung and the weather is starting to heat up that our sun smart policy is in full bloom, meaning parents need to be providing children with broad brimmed hat so that they can fully enjoy the fun range of outdoor experiences we are providing. If you pop your heads into the office to see Sally or Lauren hats can be brought for 10$. Also a reminder for those whose children use their own sunscreen to make sure that they have enough

A quick reminder also about our hope and dream wall! While the wall is looking great with some beautiful messages from parents we would love to see more up there, so if you haven’t already brought back your message we encourage you to come up with a dream you have for your child that can be written on the wall. You can either write down a message for the staff to put up on the wall or you can write the message up there yourself! The message will also be put in your child’s portfolio at the end of the year as a wonderful message for them to look back on.

October is also a very busy month with lots of special days coming up! The children have already enjoyed world smiles day and purple day, engaging in some special artwork to commemorate these days. Special days coming up for the month of October include Grandparents/special persons afternoon tea which staff and children are very excited about! If you would like to come along don’t forget to grab a form located on the sign in sheet or simply ask our staff. The afternoon tea will be held at 2:30 on Thursday the 16th of October. Parent/educator interviews will also take place on Wednesday the 22nd so keep an eye out for more information. October will then of course be ending with Halloween day! We look forward to seeing some scary costumes and educators have already begun planning some “spooky” experiences for the children.

We look forward to another busy month ahead and as always, if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask our friendly staff! Sincerely, the bumblebee team J