Jenny’s Involvement in the Local Community

Jenny’s Involvement in the Local Community

At Jenny’s Early Learning Centre, we pride ourselves in the work we do throughout the Bendigo community. We believe the children in our care should be given the skills to be contributors to the community they live in and we should be their best role models for that. Giving back to the community is fulfilling and gives both us and the children an important sense of belonging, purpose and integration. They say, “it takes a village!” and we believe that holds true!

Here’s some of the community initiatives that Jenny’s Early Learning Care are involved in:

Weather WIZ Kids and Jenny’s Junior Genius

Jenny’s ELC is strongly connected with Bendigo’s local 91.9 Star FM radio station. One of the ways we work together is by giving kindergarten and primary school children the unique experience to be on the radio! Each Friday, one of our kindergarten children are given the opportunity to give listeners the weather report. Not only do they get to be involved in community radio, they get to display their reading skills too.

Jenny’s ELC also has its own trivia segment on Star FM! In this segment, the children are given the opportunity to test the trivia knowledge of the radio hosts while having a lot of fun.

Contributions to Those in Need

Jenny’s ELC regularly collect items to donate to the poor and those in need within Bendigo. We do this with the support of our own parent community and the children! We are linked with various charities and run programs to assist them across the year. We recently donated over 1100 cans of soup to those in need.

Assisting the Bendigo Health Foundation

As we are in close partnership with the Bendigo Hospital, all our ELC branches contribute to making a difference to the hospital by raising money for facilities. An example of this is the art auction where children in our care created works of art to be silently auctioned off, with all proceeds going directly to the Bendigo Health Foundation.

We Use Local Whenever we can

At Jenny’s ELC we teach our children sustainability and the importance of using and supporting our local business! That’s why we use local suppliers for our food and craft supplies. We support local business whenever we can and engage our children in the local community through the local CFA, library and more.

At Jenny’s Early Learning Centre, we take community involvement very seriously. Our educational program taught by high quality educators gives learning opportunities that teach get the children out and about in Bendigo and build on their understanding so they can make a difference too. Located across the Bendigo area, contact us to book a tour today.