Healthy Eating for Healthy Development

Healthy Eating for Healthy Development

At Jenny’s Early Learning centre, we pride ourselves on our vision – providing quality care and service. It’s important to us that children have access to an enriching learning environment where our professional educators foster meaningful and lasting learning experiences through discovery and play.

Focusing on what’s Important

When you visit our service and view our programs on offer, you will not only see this first-hand, but you’ll gain more insight into how we support our children’s growth and development. One example of this is our relationship with an accredited practicing dietician who is also available for Skype consultations from her Sydney-based location, working with our educators, directors and cooks in developing healthy and seasonal menus, along with supporting our educators in teaching children about food groups and positive eating habits.

Each year, our team is provided with training and education from our paediatric dietician. This workshop includes topics such as general heathy eating, managing food allergies and how to help infants, toddlers and young children become happy and healthy eaters. Our cooks learn about new ways to create flavours with natural ingredients and minimize the use of added salt and sugar.

Our team has direct access to our paediatric dietician who is more than happy to assist with any questions; whether it’s questions about health or supporting children with additional needs.

Menu Development

At Jenny’s, we provide healthy and well-balanced meals on a rotating menu roster, designed (with the help from our paediatrician dietician) for children throughout the day. This includes, breakfast, morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea and late snack. We use positive strategies to encourage children to eat new foods and educate children about positive eating choices. We cater to dietary requirements and allergies. All our staff and educators are qualified in first aid as well as asthma and anaphylaxis training.

Our dietitian guides us to ensure our menus are consistent with the latest policies, guidelines and research. They help us to be up-to-date with how, when and what to feed infants as well as what food should be avoided (and encouraged) for everyone.

In working with our dietitian, we’ve been able to create fun and special birthday celebrations for all our children with a reduced focus on discretionary “junk” foods. We all love seeing how much joy our children have when the celebration is about them, rather than focused on a cake or food.

Reach Out to Us to Learn More

If you have any questions about our menus, general nutrition or concerns about your child’s growth or eating, reach out to us on Instagram, via Facebook or directly through our website.

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