Zebra Room News – June 2014

We have had a busy month in the Zebras room. We have been reading the children The Very Hungry Caterpillar book using the caterpillar puppet and felt food. The children have shown a strong interest in this story with the children often asking to read it at group time. We have extended on the children’s interest with this book by setting up a table with sock puppets and food, making our own butterflies and caterpillars and looking at preserved insects. The children have also shown a strong interest in The Three Little Pigs story we have extended on this interest by making our own three little pigs houses using cardboard boxes. We have stuck straw to one, sticks to another and red pieces of paper to the third. You can see these in the room they look fantastic. We are looking at incorporating more parent input into our program so if any parents or families have a skill that they would like to share with the Zebra’s that would be great. It could be to read a story, art and craft, cooking, family pet, music. We are also looking at adding more recycled items into our home corner so if families could please bring in recycled boxes, bottles, containers etc so we can add them into the home corner for the children to use as they role play.

Thankyou Amber, Kylee, Laura, Katelyn, Michelle and Amy


zebras photo